Black Mother Rips MN Dems for Pushing Ethnic Studies in Kindergarten

A black attorney and mother slammed Minnesota Democrat legislators for trying to make “ethnic studies” mandatory beginning in kindergarten. In a brief speech, Kofi Montzka explained exactly why critical race theory-influenced curriculum is terrible for children, particularly black children, and why it shouldn’t be shoved on kids in school.

Kofi Montzka introduced herself as an “attorney, wife, and mom to three boys,” including two high schoolers. I don’t know about you, but she sounds like a successful woman — and she seems to think so, too. So where was the systemic racism keeping her down?

[Montzka:] This bill requires that schools teach ethnic studies starting in kindergarten, and I am against this. You might ask, why in the world would a black person speak against ethnic studies? Because not everything that sounds good is good. The definition of ethnic studies right there in the statute says that there’s a connection between a person’s race and their stratification. The bill tells kids of color that they are stuck in a caste system based on their race. It also tells kids—and I quote—that ‘institutions chronically favor white people and disadvantage people of color.’

Montzka objects to this race-based propaganda. She insisted that America is no longer a country that deliberately keeps black people down, and she sees such claims as very harmful to black youth who are being taught to believe they can’t succeed.

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I’m sick of everyone denying the enormous progress we’ve made in this country, acting like it’s 1930. We used to have a race-based system. We got rid of it, and now you’re all trying to bring it back. This curriculum will not help kids of color succeed. All it does is remove any reason to try—and I repeat that, it removes any reason to try.

At one time in America — particularly in certain parts of America — being black automatically disqualified you from pursuing certain careers or made some professions harder to succeed in. That’s why we had a bloody Civil War, where hundreds of thousands of black and white men died, and a civil rights movement. Pretending black people are still suffering from a sort of Jim Crow system is ideological, not realistic. Montzka gave an example of how crazy this “anti-racist” woke ideology can get:

And this is not some theoretical crap, this stuff happens, these messages are very harmful. Just last month, in my high schooler’s band class, the teacher took 20 minutes at the beginning of class to talk about ‘anti-racism’. He told the kids to look around, and then he said the black boys in the school would likely not live to retirement because of racism and the police. Another furious kid of color recorded this conversation, and so I was able to hear for myself with my own ears.

Did the teacher really believe the police (many of whom are non-white) deliberately hunt black men? Or is he presuming that black men are automatically more likely to do things that get them in trouble with the police? The latter might sound improbable, but in “anti-racist” kids’ book Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You (Jason Reynolds’ junior version of Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped from the BeginningThe Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America), the argument is made that Reagan-era drug abuse penalties and programs targeting drug use were racist. The book also claims, “race and, more critical, racism are everywhere.”

Montzka concluded:

If this law is passed, teaching this hopelessness to kids of color will be mandated starting in kindergarten. And I can see why you white proponents of this bill might support it. It’s not your kids being told that they can’t succeed, and you get to shed some of your ‘white guilt’ in the process. But you legislators of color—how can you? You made it despite the invisible boogeyman of systematic racism. You were voted in by a majority of white people. You hold some of the most powerful positions in this state, yet you wanna tell my kids and other kids of color that they can’t succeed? It’s shameful, it’s terrible. I ask that you please vote against this bill.

CRT propaganda hurts all children. Instead of encouraging kids to grow up not caring about skin color, woke leftists aim to make white children believe in their supposed inherent racism and guilt while making black children believe they are automatically doomed to discrimination and failure. What happened to Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a world where people are judged by content of character, not skin color?

Such curricula also does not teach children about the bright spots or good achievements in American history. How many young people know that black Americans could and did vote in most states when the Constitution was first ratified, because the Constitution has no voting restrictions by race or sex, for example? Do we teach high schoolers that George Washington freed his slaves and provided for their education and support, or just that he owned slaves? Do schoolchildren know that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he supported full civil rights for black Americans? Do we learn about the white proponents of civil rights, from the Revolution onwards? Are kids told about black heroes who were loyal to American ideals even as they fought for greater equality, like James Armistead Lafayette, Peter Salem, William Still, the “Harlem Hellfighters,” or Dorie Miller?

“Anti-racists” such as Ibram X. Kendi criticize black American heroes and former slaves like Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington along with bashing white Americans. Anyone who doesn’t conform to their radical ideology, whether white or black, is framed as a coward or a villain.

Kofi Montzka nailed it with her speech. “Anti-racist” ethnic studies curricula don’t discourage racism, they just continue to perpetuate irrational and divisive obsessions with skin color.

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