John Kerry Says More Climate Mandates Coming From Biden Regime, Including Executive Orders and “Changes on Automobile, On Light Truck, Heavy Truck…” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry sat down for an interview with Yahoo News Senior Climate Editor Ben Adler to discuss climate change.

The interviewer began by admitting Biden’s so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is actually a Marxist ‘Climate Change’ bill.

Ben Adler asked John Kerry if the Biden Regime will be taking more aggressive climate action in addition to what is already in the ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’

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“We are doing a lot more than just the IRA. The IRA is a package that in and of itself could get to 40% but in addition to that, the president is issuing executive orders, there will be changes on automobile, on light truck, heavy truck…a number of initiatives are being made,” John Kerry said before he trashed Trump.


During the same interview John Kerry was asked whether he has been flying on private jets while pushing global warming and he denied it.

No, I didn’t fly private,” John Kerry said.

Kerry then claimed that it’s fine for global elites to fly private jets because “they’re working harder than most.”

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