PROOF Bud Light, Target boycotts ARE WORKING. But will it last?

The CEO of Target Brian Cornell was asked about the backlash to woke capitalism last week, and his answer does not reflect the moves Target has made this week.

He called woke campaigns “good business decisions,” that they’re “the right thing to do for society” and mentioned that it was helping drive sales.

Target then came out this Tuesday and said the retail giant will pull some of its LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing after facing customer backlash.

The company is claiming one of the main factors in the nationwide adjustment was that some customers had become violent with workers and that they are now fearing for their safety.

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Glenn Beck’s not sure if he believes the claim that customers had become violent but does believe the backlash Target is facing is a good thing.

“I don’t know if I believe anything,” he says.

One of the brands being removed from Target stores is Abprallen, a brand that sells occult-themed and satanic LGBTQ clothing and accessories.

“You’re beginning to win,” Glenn says of anyone who has voiced concern over woke campaigns like Target’s.

“Any ESG fund is way down,” he continues, “they’re introducing half of the number of funds than they did last year. That’s because you’re winning.”

“Now you have Budweiser on the ropes,” he continues.

Stu adds that the growing backlash will put pressure on others not to shop at stores like Target.

“It’s created this societal pressure on people to just choose something else,” he says.

“That happens when somebody comes into the house with a Target bag,” Glenn agrees.

Glenn believes this societal pressure is warranted, considering just how insidious Target’s decision to promote tucking bathing suits and LGBTQ+ wear to children.

“You think that transgender needs a display up front? How many transgender people are there?” Glenn asks.

“You are grooming our children,” he adds.

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