Chip Roy SLAMS Republicans’ ‘TERRIBLE’ debt ceiling deal

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According to Glenn Beck, Republicans have just given Donald Trump the nomination.

“Nobody’s going to trust the Republicans after this,” he says.

“We gave you the benefit of the doubt, McCarthy, and this is what you return. It’s what, $4 trillion? Or is it $6 trillion that they can raise the debt ceiling up to in the next couple of years?”

Representative Chip Roy agrees.

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“I mean look you’re right, that this is I think a terrible quote-unquote deal,” Roy says.

Roy explains what the Republicans are allowing.

“What we get is a date certain for a debt ceiling increase, January 1, 2025. There is no actual dollar amount, so what that means is you essentially have an uncapped increase in the debt ceiling to a date certain,” Roy says.

“You really can’t make this up,” he continues, “and with all due respect for the leadership, they say it’s historic. They miscalculated. They slipped into their old ways.”

But Roy has hope, saying he wants to give them the “benefit of the doubt that this wasn’t sinister.”

Roy also calls for all listeners of Glenn’s show to take action by reaching out to members of Congress.

“Your voices need to be heard. Vote no on this. We can still kill this and start over and do the right thing,” he says.

“So, what do you want the American people to do?” Glenn asks.

“I mean honestly, I don’t know how many times you guys can say ‘Call your Congressman,’ because I mean really — we have,” Glenn adds.

“It hasn’t been passed yet,” Roy responds, adding, “just get involved over the next 48 hours. Make sure every Republican knows this is a bad deal. Make your voice heard loudly. Do it on social media. Do it to their offices. We’re going to fight up here and then we’re going to regroup and figure out what the next step is to hold the line.”

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