THIS is what made Glenn Greenwald get into an ON-AIR FISTFIGHT

Although the incident happened back in 2019, American journalist Glenn Greenwald is just now divulging all the secrets of his on-air fistfight with conservative Brazilian journalist Augusto Nunes.

Greenwald gives Patrick Bet-David the full scoop.

Greenwald explains that the incident took place during a time when he was reporting on tumultuous political unrest in Brazil, where his husband, David Miranda, was serving as a member of Congress. The two kids whom Greenwald and Miranda had adopted were there as well.

“[Nunes] said something like, ‘What I want to know is … who’s taking care of these kids?’” Greenwald explains.

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But Nunes took it even further when he said, “I think we need a judge … to go and investigate whether these kids should be taken out of the home,” since Miranda was a busy congressman, while Greenwald was busy investigating stories about “stolen documents.”

Greenwald explains that “as a father,” someone saying, “Maybe you should have your kids taken away,” lights a fire within.

But this is when things got really tense.

Greenwald and Nunes simultaneously ended up on the same radio show. Whoever orchestrated the seating arrangement was either uninformed about the hostility between the two or was simply sadistic because Greenwald and Nunes ended up sitting right next to each other, literally inches apart.

Before that show kicked off, however, Greenwald said, “I’m gonna need an apology” in order to proceed with the interview.

And let’s just say, it ended with fists and expletives.

Watch the clip below to see Glenn Greenwald throw down.

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