Is Obama gay? Here’s what 3 comedians have to say about it

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Dave Landau, ¼ Black Garrett, and Mike Eshaq all have one thing in common: they love to make jokes, especially when those jokes poke fun of the people responsible for the political nightmare plaguing the country.

But their recent conversation about Barack Obama’s sexuality was 100% serious — although there was plenty of humor thrown in there too.

They watched a clip of Tucker Carlson discussing Obama’s explicit dealings with Larry Sinclair in 2008.

“You know, in 2008, it became really clear that Barack Obama had been having sex with men and smoking crack. And a guy came forward [Larry Sinclair] and said, ‘I’ll sign an affidavit.’ And he did. ‘I’ll take a lie detector.’ And he did. ‘I smoked crack with Barack Obama and had sex with him,”’ Tucker says.

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“Well, that was obviously true, [but] nobody reported it, not because they were squeamish about sex or drugs, but because the Obama campaign said anyone who reports from this gets no access to the Obama campaign,” Tucker continues.

“Now, we’re just, like, hanging on the whole gay thing. I want to know more about the crack s**t,” says Eshaq.

“He wrote in his diary or, I guess, or in his book … about how he fantasized about having sex with men,” Dave says. “I know he used to hang out with a lot of people in Chicago in the ’70s that were very, uh, loose with drugs.”

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