HEATED: Whitlock debates 3 former NFL players about Deion Sanders

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Football season is back and in full swing.

One topic of debate for the 2023 season is whether or not Deion Sanders will lead the University of Colorado Boulder in a positive direction as the team’s new head coach.

Jason Whitlock and former NFL players Warren Sapp, Seth Joyner, and Brett Favre get heated as they deliberate the subject.

“I’m fully in because the man is so consistent and patient with them young men, and then he surrounded himself with great … coaches,” says Sapp, who’s been down to Boulder to see Sanders in action.

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“He’s got a great staff with him, and the kids are all in,” he tells Whitlock, adding that “when [Sanders] in front of them talking … it’s almost like they’re in a trance.”

But Whitlock isn’t convinced. “Great players I don’t think make great coaches,” he says.

“There’s always an exception to the rules,” interjects Brett Favre.

“What is it about Deion, besides him being a great player, that makes you doubt?” asks Seth Joyner.

“Arrogance,” answers Whitlock. “You’re incredibly gifted,” he tells the three former NFL players, but “I think a lot of times incredibly gifted people have flaws that their gifts make up for, but they think their flaws are part of their strength, and Deion was not the greatest corner to ever play the game in my opinion because of his arrogance.”

“The arrogance to me is a shield … for some insecurity,” Whitlock continues, “and just to be quite honest, when I see people that over the top, when I see people … still wearing gold chains at 56 – that’s some insecurity.”

“Just got a little male jealousy,” says Sapp, clearly in staunch opposition to Whitlock’s opinions about Deion.

“I really don’t,” retorts Whitlock, assuring that he “would love for Deion to be a success, [but] humility is at the foundation of all sustainable success.”

“You can’t talk about his kids and what they can and what they can’t do in the national media and think he ain’t gonna come at you,” warns Joyner, who sees Deion’s overconfidence as an asset.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, or shall we say volcano.

To hear their full debate, watch the clip below.

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