CHAOS IN CANADA: Dad tells harrowing story of facing PRISON for ‘misgendering’ his daughter

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Perhaps transgenderism should be renamed trends-genderism for its growing popularity, especially among vulnerable youth.

Gender transition treatments are happening at astonishing rates across the U.S., but they’re happening at unprecedented rates in Canada — not all that surprising, considering Canada tends to lead the woke pack.

An anonymous Canadian father recently joined Glenn Beck to recount the tragic story of how his elementary-age daughter was indoctrinated into believing she was a boy in the British Columbia public school system.

“They passed a program here called SOGI 1 2 3,” he tells Glenn, which was marketed as an “anti-bullying program” but was really an avenue for school staff to tell kids, “You can be … homosexual, you can be lesbian, you can be bisexual — all the letters in the alphabet of the LGBTQ.”

“She had mental health issues,” he explains, “but the school decided we’re going to direct her towards being transgender.”

But his daughter was not the only victim.

“That’s how they felt they could deal with all mental health problems with children was just to transgender them,” he says.

Unfortunately, the school system was just the start of the indoctrination.

“At one point, you know, my daughter went to see a psychologist, [and] I thought this was great; this person is going to fix this.”

But instead of addressing the root cause of her health problems, the doctor, like so many, “went affirm, affirm, affirm.”

“And the next thing you know, my daughter’s headed off to the B.C. Children’s Hospital,” where “on her first visit they were going to pump her full of testosterone.”

The consent form, which he describes as a document that “doesn’t mean much,” clearly described “all the irreversible changes,” including “lowered voice, increased growth of hair…”

And “sterilization,” adds Glenn.

Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that the consent form explicitly stated that “the medical effects and safety of testosterone are actually not fully understood and there may be long-term risks that are not yet known,” the father claims.

Put plainly and simply — they’re boldly admitting they’re experimenting on children. But of course, they call it “care.”

Even though this father did not sign the consent form, the B.C. Children’s Hospital sent him a letter effectively saying, “We don’t need your consent; we’re going to give her testosterone anyways,” under the Infants Act, which is a Canadian law that states children can consent to their own medical treatment as long as a healthcare professional deems the treatment is in the child’s best interest.

But the horror doesn’t end there.

After filing a notice of motion in B.C. Provincial Court, he was swept into a battle involving “five years in the courts,” where he was told that “to misgender [his] daughter … was going to be considered family violence.”

When he refused to play along with the delusion, a “protection order” was put on him that allowed him to be “arrested without warrant” if anyone thought he was misgendering his daughter or not affirming her.

And yet somehow it gets even worse. To hear the full story, watch the clip below.

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