House Speaker McCarthy warns of GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN if Biden doesn’t agree to protect the border

House Speaker McCarthy warns of GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN if Biden doesn’t agree to protect the border

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has warned President Joe Biden that there will be a government shutdown if he refuses to compromise with Republicans on the need for better border security.

“If President Biden stays on the sidelines while our border is destroyed day after day, the government will shut down,” wrote McCarthy on Twitter. “Just like we’ve had strikes in California and Michigan, and embassies evacuated around the world, his lack of leadership has catastrophic consequences.” (Related: WEF takes over former U.S. military bases in Panama as migrants flood through Darien Gap on their way to America.)

“The Senate has not done its job. The Senate has not taken up the House work,” he added, calling on Biden to intervene to get the Senate to pass a budget measure that the House can agree to. “Otherwise, the government will shut down.”

McCarthy continued by pointing out that it was not a policy of the House of Representatives or the Senate for the southern border with Mexico to be opened up. ”It was [Biden’s] decision that could be remedied only if Biden himself would do something to change it,” McCarthy said. “It would keep government open, while we finish the job, and hopefully the Senate can get around to appropriations bills.”

McCarthy attempting to rally Republicans around border issues

In recent days, McCarthy has embraced the need to fund border security as a possible way to get the warring factions within the Republican Party to come together and break the congressional impasse over funding the government. He believes this could be the key ingredient to getting a deal that the Democrat-controlled Senate can pass.


Leaders from both parties in the House and Senate are hoping for, at the very least, a short-term funding deal that can avert a government shutdown on Oct. 1 and can keep the government open for several more weeks or months while efforts to pass full-year legislation continue.

McCarthy pointed out that Democrats and Republicans alike are concerned about the pace of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, and that the bipartisan concern over border security could provide enough common ground for them to work out a short-term deal to keep the government open past Sept. 30, when the fiscal year ends. He said he has already spoken with some Senate Democrats about border enforcement.

“They want something on the border. They’re working on it,” said McCarthy of the Senate Democrats he spoke with. “And so I think there’s an opportunity here. We know we have to keep the government funded. We know we have a concern about the border – both sides.”

McCarthy is hoping to pass a temporary spending bill by Saturday, Sept. 30. This spending bill will cut spending to a $1.471 trillion annual rate and includes additional border security provisions, parts of which House lawmakers passed earlier this year in a broader bill that orders construction of a border wall to resume. The new border measures would also make it more difficult for so-called asylum seekers to remain in the United States under the protection of asylum rules.

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Watch this clip from “The Bottom Line” on Fox Business as hosts Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy interview GOP Rep. Roger Williams of Texas about the need for a border wall.

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