Anti-Semitic WHO Portrays Hamas-Run Gaza as Cutesy Kids’ Paradise Before Israel Bombing

The World Health Organization (WHO) has jumped on the bandwagon of demanding from Israel  a “cease-fire” with terrorist-run Gaza, even though such a cease-fire would simply allow another and possibly deadlier attack on Israel. In fact, a video the Hamas-sympathizing WHO posted depicted Gaza pre-war as a cartoon paradise full of smiling teddy bears and balloons.


The video was posted Nov. 7 by the Twitter/X account “WHO in occupied Palestinian territory,” which already tells you they’re completely untrustworthy. There is no such thing as “occupied Palestinian territory,” since a nation of “Palestine” has never existed, the current so-called “Palestinians” were invented as a “people” for the purpose of undermining Israel (they have no right to claim Israeli land), and the Arabs have always refused a two-state solution in favor of trying to wipe out Israel completely. With such an account name, it is perhaps unsurprising that the WHO would be posting bogus anti-Israel, terrorist propaganda.

In the WHO’s video, an idyllic cartoon land with floating balloons and kites, a school bus, a library, and a hospital is transformed into a black screen of burning teddy bears with children crying in the background — all because of eeevil Israel refusing a ceasefire. Notice the WHO didn’t use real footage…

First, let’s remember that it was the WHO’s advice that led to the global adoption of utterly catastrophic COVID-19 lockdowns, masking, etc. Millions of lives were permanently damaged or even destroyed by these harmful COVID measures, which the WHO likely took from Communist China (which exercises a dangerous influence on the WHO). Why is this relevant? The WHO’s legacy is one of devastation, and its proposed treaty would advance a dystopian world with a globalist, authoritarian system. It’s almost as unreliable a source as the terrorists running Gaza. The WHO certainly is happy to promote the propaganda of those same terrorists who run Gaza.


In the video above you will notice that the WHO mourns, “Since 7 October 4104 children have been killed in Gaza.” Let’s momentarily leave aside the issue that 1400+ Israelis, including many children, were heinously and brutally raped, tortured, mutilated, beheaded, and murdered by Hamas. The statistics on Gaza casualties are coming from the Hamas-run health ministry. Yes, that’s right, HAMAS-RUN health ministry.  So these numbers are coming from the same terrorist group whose members burned Israeli babies alive — and who, in fact, have a track record of inflating casualty counts (for instance, by counting teenage terrorists as children). So the WHO is promoting terrorist propaganda as fact.

Secondly, Hamas has been aggressively preventing Gaza civilians from evacuating, attacking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who were trying to facilitate evacuations. There are even reports that Hamas “gunned down civilians trying to flee Gaza.” Why? Hamas has spent years using Gaza civilians as human shields — that’s why it stashes weapons in civilian buildings and has a major terrorist base under a hospital. Israel went out of its way to warn and facilitate evacuations for Gaza civilians, even though the majority of Gazans support violent jihad against Israel. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) that funds it are the destructive aggressor — Israel is the victim fighting desperately for survival. The WHO should be ashamed of itself.


By portraying Gaza as a land of rosy children’s games viciously and wantonly destroyed by Israel, and by demanding a “cease-fire” even though such a measure would only work in favor of the Palestinian jihadis, the WHO has allied itself with demonic terrorists aiming to commit gory genocide on Jews.

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