Vox News mocked and ridiculed over article claiming inflation isn’t the real problem hurting Democrats

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Liberal news outlet Vox News was roundly ridiculed on social media after publishing an article trying to downplay the damage from inflation.

“The problem isn’t inflation. It’s the prices,” read the headline.

The article outlined the argument that the overall inflation rate had decreased after a painful increase but that prices of goods and services had maintained their higher levels, leading to economic angst.

Critics on social media lambasted the article for what many saw as a semantic argument.

“Are people laboring over this to try to help Biden politically or something? Prices are ‘high’ because inflation went way above target until very recently. And a significant part of that was caused by overly-stimulatory macroeconomic policy,” responded Ryan Bourne of the Cato Institute.

“I thought people were joking about this headline from Vox… but it’s real,” replied Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.

“The problem isn’t the heat, it’s the temperature,” joked another user.

“What gender studies major with 200K of school debt wrote the headline?” replied one critic.

“This is why people are angry and why good economic news doesn’t seem so great. S*** STILL costs a lot more today than it did just a few years ago. When officials say inflation is tamed, people are like, wait, what?” read another response.

Inflation has been among the main concerns of Americans who have said in polls that they trust Republicans on the economy far more than Democrats. One poll from August found that far more Americans, 54%, trusted Republicans, than the 45% who said they trusted Democrats.

Liberal pundits have furiously declared that that this opinion is being made out of ignorance and have tried to argue that Biden’s economic policies have been unfairly slandered. In October, liberal economist Paul Krugman was mocked when he proclaimed that the war on inflation was won at little cost.

Here’s more about inflation hurting the economy:

CONFRONTED: ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ FAILS To Live Up to Its Namewww.youtube.com

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