Conor McGregor on Irish Migrant Crisis: ‘We Are at War’

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Champion Irish professional boxer and mixed martial artist (MMA) Conor McGregor is completely fed up with the woke Irish government busing in and housing endless illegal migrants, announcing on Twitter/X, “[W]e are at war.”


McGregor is reportedly under investigation for “online hate speech” after his angry anti-illegal migration comments in response to a stabbing of multiple children outside a Catholic school in Dublin. The culprit is allegedly an Algerian Muslim migrant with a prior deportation order. McGregor bashed the Irish government and police and supported protesters who took to the streets after the attack. 

According to Human Events, Minister for Foreign Affairs Tánaiste Micheál Martin accused McGregor of “essentially inciting hate.” Yet where was the similar outrage when thousands recently marched in Ireland in support of Palestinian jihadis (Martin was meeting with the Palestinian Authority president to push for PA statehood in September)?

McGregor is not daunted, however. He reacted to the video below reportedly showing buses with migrants arriving in an Irish town:

McGregor reacted to this video on Nov. 27 by calling on his fellow Irishmen to recognize the seriousness of this continuing inundation of migrants. Indeed, in January, as the Irish faced a housing crisis, minister for integration Roderic O’Gorman admitted that there was no room in the country for more migrants. That was eleven months ago! Meanwhile, the Irish taxpayer is funding housing for tens of thousands of illegals. And big influxes of Muslim migrants tend to cause increased violence and rape.


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“Have you ever seen the likes of this?” McGregor said in a now-deleted post on Twitter/X. “This, in my opinion, is a crime against the fabric of Irish society! Scared residents of a community watch on helplessly, yet still peacefully, as multiple bus loads of people are ushered into their community in blacked-out buses in the dead of the night.”

He went on to note that it’s an issue with wide application in Ireland. “It is hard enough to secure your own base in Ireland as it is. To think of people who have worked so hard and saved up to secure a home and a community to raise their children, and then out of nowhere, without warning, multiple busloads of people, and from the footage all adult males, are sworn in. In silence. This is not for the good of Ireland. Who wants to experience this feeling?”

McGregor slammed his government’s sneaky behavior. “There is zero transparency throughout this entire procedure,” he accused. “People of the community are not told who these men are. Or why they are here. This is what I mean when I say we are at war.” McGregor also ridiculed the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for referring to a released hostage of Hamas as having been “found and returned.” 


The MMA star said, “She was abducted by an evil terrorist organization. What is with you and your government and your paid-for media affiliates constantly down playing / attempting to repress horrific acts that happen to children?”

It would seem, based on the recent riots, that McGregor is correct in concluding, “You cannot expect the people of Ireland to tolerate this. We will not.”

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