Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Now Living at San Diego Airport as California Runs Out of Places to Put People (VIDEO)


California is already dealing with a massive homeless problem. That has now been made worse by a massive influx of illegal border crossers.

Hundreds of people are now living at San Diego airport because the state has no place left to put people.

All of this is just being allowed to happen and Biden is nowhere in sight.

FOX News reports:

Hundreds of migrants living in San Diego airport as California battles ‘unimaginable’ homeless crisis

Hundreds of migrants have taken up residence in the San Diego International Airport with “no place to go” as California shelters are filled to capacity with the state’s homeless population.

The mayor of El Cajon, California, called out state and federal government officials Tuesday for policies burdening his community.

“California has basically made it completely un-criminal to be homeless in California. And because of that, there’s no places in the shelters. There’s no places in the hospitals. There’s no place for them to go at all. And then you add to this new migrant crisis and things get out of control and people have nowhere to go,” Mayor Bill Wells told “FOX & Friends First.”

Over 300 migrants have been hunkering down at the airport in recent days waiting for flights out of the Golden State, which has a homeless population of approximately 172,000.

Wells said the San Diego area has been inundated with 42,000 migrants over the past two-and-a-half months, leading to “street releases” in his community.

“This is exacerbating our already unimaginable homeless crisis, which California has created,” Wells said.

In the video below, Mayor Wells says that they are getting no help from Governor Newsom or the federal government.

This is a disaster waiting to happen.

This situation just gets worse and worse.

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