UFC legend Dana White had the most SAVAGE response to the media ever

UFC president Dana White is known for his on-point, albeit expletive-ridden, rants about all the woke nonsense poisoning society.

Dave Rubin plays a recent clip of White “going off on the media,” which is controlled by the radicalized left, and per usual, he “nails it perfectly.”

“If the media tells you you’ve got something that’s gonna fail, it’s definitely going to f***in’ win,” he said. “The media are the dumbest know-nothin’, do-nothin’, never f***in’ built nothin’ motherf***ers on planet Earth. So when they say it isn’t gonna work, you got a f***in’ home run, man!”

“When you really think about the media – who are they? Where did they come from? Why does their opinion matter? What have they ever done? What have they ever created? What have they ever built? Who’s ever depended on a paycheck from the media? Nobody,” he berated.

“They are a bunch of f****in’ zeroes who sit around writing stories about people who are actually doing s***.”

“We all know it’s true,” agrees Dave. “What does the media create other than chaos?”

“Everything they do is to destroy the people who create,” he continues, pointing to the media’s portrayal of Elon Musk as the rocket-sending, electric car-creating hero before they villainized him for supporting free speech on Twitter.

“Why do they go after anyone who creates anything? Because that’s where the clicks and the views are.”

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