Levin: A message for those who claim to care about innocent Palestinian lives

Leftists and celebrities all over the country are adamant that they care about Palestinian lives.

Celebrities and politicians like Angelina Jole, Rashida Talib, Corey Bush, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid have all been incredibly vocal about their disdain for Israel and support for Palestine.

But none of them spoke up when over 4,000 Palestinians in refugee camps were slaughtered in the Syrian Civil War. Nor did they scream when Lebanon banned Palestinians from working as doctors and lawyers or from owning land.

Not even when it was exposed that the Palestinian Authority tortures Palestinian prisoners — or when Palestinian Police murdered Nizar Banat for opposing the government — did any of the most vocal celebrities and politicians speak up.

But perhaps it’s not their fault, as no one is telling them.

“And where are you, the American media?” Mark Levin asks.

Because of this, tensions over the Israel-Hamas war are on the rise between Americans. And based on the belief systems of those inciting these rising tensions, Levin doesn’t believe it’s an accident.

“It’s essentially the same people, you know, who are trying to overthrow the United States,” Levin says. “I keep talking about this overlay between Marxist ideology and Islamist ideology because both of them reject constitutional Republicanism. Both of them claim to support the redistribution of wealth.”

Now, pro-Palestinian protests are taking a violent turn — as they did in 2020.

One protest turned violent as the sun went down on the nation’s capital. Protesters began banging on the White House gates, climbing them, and vandalizing nearby statues.

No arrests were made.

“Unbelievable,” Levin says.

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