Watch the Moment a MASSIVE Explosion Rocks a D.C. Area Neighborhood

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There’s been a massive house explosion in the Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, Va., just five miles from the Pentagon. 

Arlington County Police say they were attempting to execute a search warrant in the 800 block of N. Burlington Street when the suspect discharged a flare gun. According to the most recent tweet from the ACPD, the suspect released “several rounds” inside the home, which subsequently exploded.


The blast was caught on video. You can see blue police lights across the street from the house before it blew up. 

Here’s another view from QED_Capitol on X: 

QED said, “Earlier today at like 5pm, 3 flares got launched from this same location, thought it was weird, and then just now boom.” He added that he “Definitely heard the shots about 5 minutes before it blew up.” 

Google Maps shows the proximity to the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and several national landmarks in the nation’s capital. 

Citizen Free Press posted what appear to be Ring notifications alerting residents of the explosion. 


Sam Kim captured video of the police presence at the home prior to the blast. 

Residents were told to shelter in place. 

According to ARLNow:

A large fire department response remains on scene, working to extinguish the resulting blaze.

“I think it blew up the entire duplex,” one neighbor told ARLnow. “I’m sure the family next door was evacuated before it blew up but they lost their home.”

Another neighbor said the explosion “literally shook my bed” and described an “acrid stench” afterward.

Paramedics were initially told to expect “multiple burn patients” after the explosion, but police said around 9:30 p.m. that officers on scene only “reported minor injuries with no one transported to the hospital.”


It’s nothing short of a miracle that no one was injured. 

Firefighters are on the scene working to extinguish the blaze.

It’s not known what happened to the suspect. 

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