Anti-Semitic sparks fly at Sun Devil Student Union meeting

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Anti-Semitism continues to grow at American universities.

A student government meeting at Arizona State University is the latest example of the growth — with pro-Israeli and Jewish students needing a police escort to leave.

One student who was heckling the pro-Israeli students was seen wearing a shirt that read “Phoenix Marxist School hosted by Socialist Revolution.”

“We will not be silenced,” the student shouted while another yelled, “Free Palestine!”

“I wonder if we gave him a student loan forgiveness or something,” Mark Levin says, adding, “Many of these little bastards are subsidized by you and me.”

In a livestream uploaded to one of the pro-Israeli student’s instagram pages, he shows the police officers escorting him back.

“It is unfortunate that we need to get a police escort back, as people were screaming such anti-Semitic things and throwing rocks on the window of the memorial union during the meeting,” he said.

Another student told the camera, “It’s terrible that in 2023 we have to be walked by police” and she feels “unsafe on this campus.”

The students claim that it “got violent” and that the pro-Palestinian students “were chucking rocks at the window and chanting and making death threats.”

Levin believes the Biden administration needs to stop saying it stands with Israel and actually do something about what’s happening in the country it’s supposed to be protecting.

“They should be withholding federal grants and student loan monies and withdraw other monies from these universities that are breeding these terrorist-thinking Islamists and Marxists. They should be going through the student visa lists right now as I speak,” Levin says.

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