Israeli UN Ambassador Slams ‘Shameful’ Harvard at On-Campus Screening of Hamas Atrocities

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The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations (UN) came to Harvard University for a screening of Hamas atrocities. While there, he slammed “shameful” Harvard for its anti-Semitism epidemic and its hypocritical claim that it prioritizes truth. 


Amb. Gilad Erdan previously put on a yellow star during a speech at the UN, to emphasize to the body how Nazi-like its empathy with Palestinian terrorists and hatred against Israel is. He has now brought his hard-hitting truth-telling to America, with a screening at Harvard of the completely horrific Hamas atrocities against Israel on October 7. Harvard, like so many other Ivy League schools, has a severe problem with hatred against Jews. Erdan employed no PC flattery in calling out this reality.

Erdan tweeted on Twitter/X on Dec. 5, “Last night, I screened the film of Hamas atrocities at @Harvard. This is the first time the film was screened at a U.S. university and I felt it was very importance [sic] that it happen at Harvard first.”

His post continued, “Since the October 7th massacre, we have seen a sharp increase in antisemitism on campuses including protests in support of Hamas. Therefore, screening the film of Hamas atrocities is critical in the fight against terror.” Hamas filmed their atrocities and boasted about them, yet millions remain willfully ignorant around the world. You can even view the graphic images and videos online


Erdan called out Harvard’s educational failure and its encouragement of woke activism. “It is shocking to see that instead of educating the next generation of leaders, Harvard has become a hotbed of terror supporters and a dangerous place for Jews.”

In the video clip, Erdan pointed out Harvard’s hypocrisy in having the word “Veritas” on its coat of arms while allowing a campaign of violence-inciting lies against Jews and Israel. “For a school that puts ‘Veritas’ — Truth — above all, this is particularly shameful,” he said. “From the university’s initial silence following the attack, to extended silence following the pro-terror voices, and to the shameful response to the assault on Jewish students, Harvard has become dangerous for Jews.”

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Harvard is no longer a school for the best and brightest, but for the woke and prejudiced. As Erdan said, “Rather than becoming an incubator for future leaders, Harvard, sadly, has become an incubator for terrorist supporters.” He also called out University of Pennsylvania on Twitter/X.


Jewish students at Harvard and other universities are facing death threats and assaults. A first-year Israeli student at Harvard was shoved around and harassed by pro-Gaza activists. As a former college Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) director said in October, university DEI ideology “deliberately stokes” anti-Semitism among students. 

Erdan is spot on. Harvard University “has become an incubator for terrorist supporters.”

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