‘Determined to censor my channel’: Sara Gonzales takes aim at YouTube for censoring channel after questioning transgenderism

BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzales and her show, “The News & Why It Matters,” has come under the watchful eye of Big Tech for the second time this year. Gonzales’ production team was apparently informed that her YouTube channel was given a strike and barred from posting any new content for a full week.

Following the development, Gonzales posted a video to X, explaining that she had been barred from posting any content for the next seven days. However, BlazeTV is making Gonzales’ videos available for free in the meantime.

Gonzales wrote: “The COMMIES over at @YouTube gave me a strike for asking how someone can be both non-binary and transgender. (???) We’re banned for a week, so @BlazeTV is making the episodes available for FREE in the meantime! SCREW YOU, YOUTUBE.”

When Blaze News reached out to Gonzales about the debacle, she took aim at YouTube, saying: “YouTube is happy to allow leftists who demean and insult conservatives daily on their platform, but the moment you question the alphabet mafia, they accuse you of hate speech.”

“YouTube is determined to censor my channel because we’re speaking truth not only about the dangers of gender transition, but about the medical industrial complex, the truth about January 6th, etc.,” Gonzales continued.

She went on: “I’ve been demonetized since April, and recently was finally up for re-monetization. After I re-applied for monetization, I received a strike on content I had done months ago questioning how one could be both non-binary and transgender. The timing is pure coincidence, I’m sure.”

“They will eliminate whatever threatens the radical leftist narrative, target conservatives, threaten their livelihoods, and sleep like a baby at night.”

Back in April, Blaze reported that YouTube appeared to have launched a campaign against prominent conservative voices in order to stamp out criticism of transgenderism. Among those targeted were Gonzales, podcaster Tim Pool, and Daily Wire personality Matt Walsh.

At the time, Gonzales posted to X, writing: “My YouTube channel had 3 videos removed today and received a strike for telling the truth about transgenderism. @Timcast just had 2 videos removed on his channel. They demonetized @MattWalshBlog’s entire channel. They want to censor us out of existence.”

Gonzales initially mentioned that she was exploring the possibility of moving over to Rumble, but she noted that it was ultimately not her decision to make.

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