‘He’s Back’ Trends on X as ‘Most Censored Man’ Alex Jones Is Allowed to Speak on Platform Again

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As Jon Del Arroz explains nearby, Twitter/X owner Elon Musk took a poll of the social media platform users, asking this question: 


More than two million users of the platform voted and 70 percent of them wanted Jones back on the platform. “It shall be,” replied Musk. 

On Sunday, Alex Jones’s Twitter/X account was restored. He retweeted two X messages, one announcing he’d be doing an interview on the X spaces. His last tweet before that was September 6, 2018.

The sandpaper-voiced Jones is one of the most reviled and beloved figures in media. In a recent interview with Jones, Tucker Carlson called him the “most censored man” in media. He rivals Donald Trump in that category, that’s for sure. 

I’ve had my run-ins with Jones’s minions in the field, knowing as I do that he proclaimed 9/11 was an inside job and later gobsmackingly claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting was fake. Where he got that notion is anybody’s guess, but he later apologized and said he was wrong (he still does to this day). Parents who’d lost their children and felt harmed by Jones’s free speech-protected rants sued him for a billion dollars. Jones lost one of those cases when the judge by fiat changed the law against puntive damages. Jones nearly lost everything and will be paying for life.  Fortunately for him, he’d set up a media backstop, hosting his InfoWars programming from his home town of Austin, Texas, on his established website and on other social media platforms such as Rumble, where he hosts a daily show.  


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Jones says that when he confronted CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy, who rooted for deplatforming people whose messages they didn’t like, that was the moment when all social media censored him.

Alex Jones’s deplatforming on all major media was a proof of concept for those bad actors at the FBI, CIA, DHS, Stanford University and the University of Washington who expanded social media censorship during the COVID outbreak. Jones was the canary in the coal mine. Now, censorship of individuals and media — especially conservative media like PJ Media — is de rigueur. You can ask anyone who writes for our site.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Jones. He’s conservative sometimes, libertarian or classically liberal at others. His presentations at the InfoWars platform display his bombast and deep suspicion of the official narrative. He does deep reading of government documents, which shows why he can seemingly tell the future. He knows it because he reads their plans. 

Podcaster Joe Rogan, who has known Jones for 20 years, says Jones is more right than he is wrong. That’s a better batting average than Joe Biden.


If free speech means anything, and it should mean everything in these fraught times, Elon Musk was right to restore Alex Jones to the platform. 

Conservatives believe that if you don’t want to listen to him or read what he writes, you can turn him off. Banning should never have been a part of the plan. 

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