‘F***ing idiots’: Bill Maher crushes ‘woke’ media for attacking MrBeast for his charitable work around the world

Bill Maher slammed “woke” media for attacking massively successful social media star MrBeast for his charitable work around the world.

MrBeast is one of the most popular social media personalities in the entire world. He boasts more than 46 million followers on Instagram, over 90 million followers on TikTok, and a whopping 217 million subscribers on YouTube.

In January, MrBeast provided 1,000 cataract removal surgeries to people who are legally blind.

Mr. Beast – whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson – has various charity endeavors, including rebuilding homes for tornado survivors in Kentucky, giving $20,000 to random people in need, raising funds to rebuild the Baphumelele Children’s Home in South Africa, raising $2.7 million for clothes and food, and sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Last month, MrBeast constructed 100 wells to provide clean drinking water and “help 300-500K+ people across Cameroon, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe over their lifetime.”

Several online commentators, officials, and news outlets criticized MrBeast for his charity and accused him of being a “performative altruist.”

Following blowback on social media, MrBeast acknowledged that he could be “canceled” for his actions of helping people without any reciprocation.. The backlash to his charity became so intense that Donaldson was concerned that he could be “canceled” for providing clean drinking water to impoverished people in Africa.

Saran Kaba Jones – founder and CEO of FACE Africa – claimed, “It’s kind of frustrating, overnight, this person (Donaldson) comes along, who happens to be a white male figure with a huge platform, and all of a sudden he gets all of the attention.”

Buzzfeed condemned Donaldson for providing the gift of sight by saying, “MrBeast seemed to regard disabilities as something that needs to be solved.”

In his rebuilding of an orphanage, MrBeast was lambasted as a “white savior.”

Maher defended the 25-year-old social media influencer against those attacking him for giving back.

Maher began, “Can we at least agree that giving is good?”

Maher said of MrBeast providing wells to Africans, “You know what else is frustrating? Dying of thirst.”

On the most recent episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the liberal talk show host bashed MrBeast’s critics as “f***ing idiots.”

Maher declared that “disability is something that needs to be solved.”

Maher credited MrBeast for curing blindness in people, and trashed his detractors: “You didn’t do s**t.”

“I don’t get the woke,” Maher said. “They love nothing more than being the victim except when they really are one, and then they tell you, ‘I am not go f*** yourself.'”

The HBO star continued, “How did we get to this weird place, telling people that we’re actually out in the world making a positive difference, ‘You’re the problem.’ Yeah um, quick question, who the f*** are you?”

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(WARNING: Explicit language)

New Rule: Mr. Beast is Helping Wrong! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)www.youtube.com

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  1. I’m beginning to wonder just how L Mahar is. I have alwasy liked listening to him as his sense of humor, esp in politic, is hilarious. Too bad he isn’t a republican. No matter, I will accept him as he is as long as he remains calling things as they are.

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