Levin: These two men ‘are drenched in blood’

After the October 7 attack on Israel and the atrocities that have followed, Mark Levin believes that Joe Biden and Antony Blinken have some serious blood on their hands.

“They are drenched in blood,” Mark Levin says, disgusted. “Can anybody tell me of any other president in history who gives aid and support, billions of dollars, to our enemy?”

This enemy has killed American soldiers in Iraq, created mayhem in the Middle East, is attacking our allies, and is trying to build an Islamic caliphate throughout the Middle East.

“What kind of a commander in chief of the United States of America waves economic sanctions whether it’s oil, commerce, finance, banking, you name it — against the regime that sought to assassinate our former secretary of state and our former national security advisor?” Levin asks.

No president or secretary of state has ever armed our enemy either.

“I have another question,” Levin continues, “What kind of president, what kind of secretary of state, would appoint an individual who is pro-Iran, who is a Marxist, who’s a special pleader for Iran to negotiate a nuclear deal on our behalf against that regime and then in turn would hire three staffers, one of whom is a potential spy for that regime?”

The answer to all of his questions is Biden and Blinken.

“This administration keeps putting the pressure on Israel to capitulate, to be nicer about the war, to make sure you don’t really defeat the enemy, just kind of box them in,” Levin accuses, adding, “in other words, Blinken and Biden take no responsibility for what they unleashed in the Middle East.”

Before the Biden administration was in control, Trump was fighting for peace in the Middle East with the Abraham Accords.

“The people were rising up where Hamas was in a box, where Hezbollah was in a box. They were all in a box until Biden and Blinken come in and unleashed the whole damn thing,” Levin says.

Now, Iran is aiming to get a nuclear weapon — and the Biden administration isn’t concerned.

“On Biden and Blinken’s watch, there’s nothing to stop them.”

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