Netanyahu claims entire world is “antisemitic” in UNHINGED rant about Hamas attack

Netanyahu claims entire world is “antisemitic” in UNHINGED rant about Hamas attack

If you do not believe everything the Israeli government is claiming about the Oct. 7 Hamas false flag attack, even if there is no actual evidence to support Israel’s claims, then you are “antisemitic,” according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In an unhinged rant aimed at the international community that is speaking up about Israel’s atrocities in Gaza, Netanyahu blasted the entire unbelieving world for remaining “silent” about unsubstantiated claims that Hamas soldiers raped and sexually mutilated Israeli women during the attack.

The world is asking Israel to provide proof, but in typical #MeToo form, Netanyahu wants the world to just believe, even without evidence, whatever Israel says is true about what took place that day.

“Were you quiet because we were talking about Jewish women?” Netanyahu fumed at reporters during a recent Hebrew language press conference, insinuating that the international press community is questioning Israel’s claims because of antisemitism.

The truth is that Israel has made a whole lot of claims that have since either been debunked or at the very least called into question due to lack of evidence. If Israeli women were really raped and sexually tortured by Hamas, then where are they and why are they not speaking up about it?

“I say to the women’s rights organizations, to the human rights organizations: You have heard of the rape of the Israeli women, horrible atrocities and sexual mutilations,” Netanyahu said further.

“I expect all civilized leaders, governments, nations to speak up against this atrocity. Where the hell are you?”

(Related: Israel created Hamas back in the 1970s to topple the administration of Yasser Arafat.)

Palestinians are Semites, too

The ironic thing about Netanyahu’s constant claims of antisemitism concerning those who question Israel’s version of events in defense of the people of Gaza is the fact that Palestinian people are Semitic themselves.

Semitism is not a strictly Jewish ethnic trait, but just like the race card, it is played every time someone who is Jewish or someone who unconditionally supports the Jewish state disapproves of something someone else says – or in this case, what they are not saying in support of Israel and its questionable claims about Hamas.

The way Israel continues to back itself into a corner with all this is telling as to the mindset of Israel Firsters like Netanyahu who expect the entire world to kowtow to their demands or else face the ire of being called antisemitic.

Israeli authorities insist they have collected “hundreds of testimonies of rape and sex crimes” supposedly committed by Hamas on October 7, and yet they refuse to publicly reveal any of it (assuming it even exists) and still expect the world to just believe.

“To date, there is no physical evidence of rape by Hamas militants, nor any purported rape victims offering direct testimony,” tweeted “Pushback” show host Aaron Maté.

“There are only outlandish ‘stories’ like this from a purported male witness who uses odd language to describe ‘a beautiful woman with the face of an angel’ being raped by ‘8 to 10’ Hamas militants.”

This same ‘witness’ also claims that he then saw another Hamas militant who ‘took a shovel and beheaded’ another woman, whose ‘head rolled along the ground.’ Again, where is the evidence to back this up?”

Just like the #MeToo whiners, Israel is demanding belief without evidence which simply does not fly. Unless Israel can prove any of these wild conspiracy theories about what happened on October 7, they will remain precisely that: conspiracy theories.

“Israel has been caught lying multiple times about atrocities (and Hamas’ hospital HQ) to justify its mass murder campaign in Gaza,” Maté further tweeted, getting straight to the point.

“And ‘stories’ like this are only starting to ‘surface’ now. It seems clear that this is yet another fabrication in the service of genocide.”

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