Anti-Trump media refuses to acknowledge ACTUAL ‘dictator’ threat

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The left will stop at nothing to paint former president Donald Trump as a dictator wannabe.

In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, writer Robert Kagan attempted to lay out a solution to the “grim picture” that he believes another potential Donald Trump presidency would be.

Kagan writes that the problem with stopping Donald Trump is that it has historically “required people taking risks and making sacrifices that they didn’t want to make.”

Refusals to take those risks and make those sacrifices were “out of selfishness, fear, or ambition,” he added.

Glenn Beck isn’t having it, saying that many people did stand up against Donald Trump in 2016 — and many were proven wrong. Those who refuse to see anything but what the media tells them about the former president are the results of “mass delusion, cognitive grooming, or self-imposed ignorance.”

Kagan believes the most “obvious” way to defeat Donald Trump in order to “save our Democracy” is to get Republicans to rally behind Nikki Haley.

“She’s not the obvious candidate for most Republicans. She’s the obvious candidate for 19% of Republicans,” Glenn scoffs, adding, “The problem that Nikki has that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis do not have is that they are standing up for what the vast majority of Republicans believe.”

DeSantis and Trump have also proven themselves “destroyers of the Deep State,” he adds.

Kagan’s solution is not one Glenn is taking seriously.

“Trump is now, and this is no exaggeration, the most investigated man in all of human history, and this is what you’ve got to stop him?”

While the left has been continuing to focus on Trump and January 6 as the ultimate boogeyman, Glenn knows there are other forces that we should actually be concerned about.

“Meanwhile, actual money in the millions has gone into the hands of our president and family, and they’re not hearing anything about that,” Glenn says.

“What the FBI/NSA/Deep State have done to Donald Trump and [are] currently doing under this administration is the biggest violation of individual rights and the Constitution in the history of our country — and that should be frightening to both left and right,” he adds.

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