3 woke coffee shop employees fired for harassing innocent Jewish patron

Those on the left may claim to be part of the peaceful political party — the party that welcomes everyone under the banner of acceptance, tolerance, and inclusivity — but that welcoming attitude disappears quickly if your version of different doesn’t look like theirs.

For example, if you’re an innocent Jewish patron trying to use a public bathroom at a coffee shop, you just might get the boot.

This recently happened at a coffee shop in Oakland where three clearly woke employees refused to let a Jewish woman use the public restroom.

Dave Rubin plays the clip of the incident.

“I’m a patron here, and I need to go to the restroom,” she calmly and politely said while the three workers physically blocked the door.

“I know Israel loves taking private property and saying it’s their own,” one employee spat at her.

“I need you to leave, please,” another chimed in.

“I was a patron here, and I have a right to go into the restroom,” the customer calmly repeated.

“And we have a right to refuse service.”

“I should not be excluded, and other people allowed,” the customer pressed before asking if they were afraid that she would take a picture of what was in the bathroom.

That got their attention, apparently, because they finally opened the door.

“Actually, please,” an employee fired at her as she entered the bathroom.

On the mirror was written “Zionism=facism,” while other anti-Jewish phrases were scrawled on the children’s changing table.

“Free Palestine,” two employees said as she exited the restroom.

“They’ve all been fired; so actually there’s a nice ending to this story,” says Dave, who’s disgusted by the flagrantly anti-Semitic behavior.

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