Atlanta police chase ends with cop car on top of suspect’s crushed, overturned Jeep

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A police chase through Cobb County, Georgia, ended with a police car landing on top of the suspect’s overturned vehicle in midtown Atlanta.

The chase included the Narcotics and Intelligence Unit, which was chasing a suspect in a gray Jeep Gladiator. The suspect reportedly fled through county streets until eventually getting on the interstate into Atlanta, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Cobb County Police supervisor Lieutenant Ramirez reportedly stated that the high-speed chase started after reports of an “aggravated assault on an officer.” Police began the pursuit of the suspect before the driver fled, eventually hitting two cars while driving northbound in an attempt to evade authorities.

The driver reportedly continued fleeing and even rear-ended a third vehicle, Atlanta News First said.

A cell phone video showed the Jeep speeding down the interstate followed by several police cars. It wasn’t long after that when a Cobb County police officer used the precision immobilization technique, or PIT maneuver, to end the chase.

Troopers reportedly stated that the Jeep rolled onto its roof due to the driving technique, with the patrol car landing on top. Pictures and footage from the crime scene showed the police car with just one wheel on the ground and the Jeep overturned with its roof crushed underneath.

Neither the driver’s charges nor his identity were released, however it was reported that he was taken to hospital for minor injuries.

The crash blocked all lanes on Howell Mill Road for at least two hours as debris was pictured scattered across the road.

“This is something I have never really seen before in my eight years of reporting,” reporter Tori Cooper stated. “A police car on top of another car …” she added in disbelief.

The Marietta/Cobb/Smyrna Narcotics & Intelligence Unit, a multi-jurisdictional task force targeting narcotics and other organized crime, was on-scene at the incident, along with other police precincts. However, the specific nature of the crimes behind the car chase were not made available.

Alive 11 also reported that Georgia State Police did not say whether any law enforcement officials were hurt during the incident.

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