Hunter Biden Holds Simpering Press Conference

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Hunter Biden made his way to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, but instead of complying with the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena for a standard closed-door deposition, he opted to hold a press conference.


During his press conference, he not only claimed that he is willing to testify publicly but also contended that his father Joe Biden had no financial stake in his foreign business deals, insisting that there is no evidence of it because it didn’t happen.

“They belittled my recovery, and they have tried to dehumanize me, all to embarrass my father, who has devoted his entire life to public service,” Hunter claimed in his press conference. “For six years, I have been a target of the unrelenting Trump attack team. ‘Where’s Hunter?’ Well, here’s my answer. I am here.” 

Technically, his father’s own Justice Department just indicted him.

Contrary to the evidence uncovered by the House Oversight Committee, Hunter claimed that “my father was not financially involved in my business,” including dealings with Burisma Holdings in Ukraine and investments in China and the U.S. 

[There is] “No evidence to support that my father was financially involved in my business because it did not happen,” Hunter Biden said. 

The White House originally claimed that Joe Biden never even spoke with his son about his foreign business dealings, but when the House Oversight Committee uncovered evidence that Joe Biden participated in several phone calls with Hunter’s foreign business associates, the narrative quickly changed. Instead of Joe Biden “never spoke with his son” about his foreign business dealings, the narrative became that Joe Biden was “not in business with his son.”


Hunter continued by playing the victim card, accusing Republicans of manipulating evidence.

“Republicans have lied over and over about every aspect [of] my personal and professional life,” Hunter Biden whined. “So much so that the false facts are believed by too many people.” 

“Republicans do not want an open process where Americans can see their tactics, expose their baseless inquiry, or hear what I have to say,” he accused, even though closed-door testimony is fairly standard. I dare say that Hunter Biden is merely trying to stall the process or has plans to make a scene in a public hearing.

Whatever his reasons, Hunter’s stunt on Wednesday is likely going to result in the House holding him in contempt of Congress.

“In a few hours, I think the House of Representatives is going to pass the impeachment inquiry, and that is an important step,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) explained. “The impeachment power resides solely with the House of Representatives — if a majority of the House now says we’re in an official impeachment inquiry as part of our constitutional duty to do oversight, that carries weight. That’s going to help us get these witnesses in.” 

Jordan also pledged that if Hunter still refuses to be deposed, “we’re going to move forward with contempt proceedings.”


Bring it, Republicans. This is why America gave you the majority in the House.

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