Is Illinois Still Offering $9K to Illegals for Rent?

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Is Illinois still offering illegal aliens up to $9,000 in rental assistance? The answer is almost certainly yes since the program was exposed in October. Yet Democrat-run Illinois refuses to learn its lesson despite having no money to fund its woke programs.


Chicago residents are increasingly angry about the destructive and unaffordable mass of migrants that keeps flooding into the sanctuary city. But the city’s Democrat government will not face facts, nor will the Democrats running the state of Illinois. Indeed, even amidst the Chicago homeless crisis and a budget crisis, this is what The Epoch Times reported in October:  

Chicago’s illegal immigrants are now eligible to receive up to $9,000 in rental assistance under a new state-run program, which includes money to help furnish their new living quarters as the homeless population of Americans living on the city’s streets continues to soar.

Deputy chief of staff Cristina Pacione-Zayas said that taxpayers should expect to be on the hook for housing and furnishing the city’s illegal population for at least half a year and that the amount handed over varies by circumstances…The state of Illinois has contributed $38 million to the program, while the city has allocated $4 million, according to officials. The plan includes funding for both rented apartments and homes for illegal immigrants and includes assistance for both moving in and money to help set-up the new apartments, according to the report.

It’s disgusting enough that both federal and local governments are giving any money to law-breaking illegals, but they are also blatantly prioritizing these illegals over American citizens — and using U.S. taxpayers’ money to do so. Let’s hope Illinois residents and Chicagoans in particular remember this political and financial abuse during the next election. 


While Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) is suing bus companies that the Republican-run state of Texas contracted to send illegal migrants to sanctuary city Chicago (a reasonable Texas reaction to the migrant invasion), he refuses to call out the real culprit: the Biden administration.

Nor does Chicago have the money to fund illegal aliens’ housing and furniture. In September, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that “Chicago faces [a] 2024 budget shortfall of $538 million — more than a third of it tied to migrant crisis.” There isn’t enough taxpayer money in the crime- and violence-plagued Windy City to cover costs. 

Meanwhile, the Democrat governor of Illinois whined in October that he needed more federal aid to deal with the “untenable” migrant crisis in the state. Unfortunately, the crisis is likely to get worse because woke Democrats are absolutely dedicated to illegal immigration, even as the southern border crisis becomes daily more catastrophic.


According to House Republicans on Twitter/X Dec. 11, the Biden administration releases a whopping 5,000 illegal immigrants into America every single day. Border Patrol agents have essentially become welcome committees, yet an unknown number of criminals, gang members, terrorists, and foreign agents (including a potential invasion of Chinese Communists) are among the migrants. And they’re dispersing all around the country.

Chicagoans’ taxpayer dollars — and yours too — are funding criminals while Americans suffer. That’s the hideous reality of Joe Biden’s America.

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