Israel’s AI targeting program called “Gospel” has created an “assassination factory” in Gaza, warn experts

Israel’s AI targeting program called “Gospel” has created an “assassination factory” in Gaza, warn experts

To purportedly help minimize the number of civilian casualties in Gaza, Israel has deployed an artificial intelligence (AI) weapon ironically called “Gospel” that supposedly uses robots to select military targets in Gaza at a rapid pace. Experts warn, however, that Israel’s Gospel is a lie, and that its AI system has actually created an “assassination factory” in the Palestinian territory.

According to a statement on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) website, the Israeli military uses Gospel to “produce targets at a fast pace.” It further states that Gospel does this using “the rapid and automatic extraction of intelligence with the goal of a complete match between the recommendation of the machine and the identification carried out by a person.”

In past attacks on Gaza when Israel did not have Gospel at its disposal, the IDF is said to have run out of targets to strike. With Gospel in place, Israel is now able to destroy many more targets at a much faster rate, allowing the Jewish state to achieve its annihilation goals quicker than ever.

According to Aviv Kochavi, a former head of the IDF, Gospel was first used in the May 2021 bombing campaign in Gaza. He revealed that this campaign was a success, allowing Israel to bomb orders of magnitude more targets in Gaza than at any other point in history.

“To put that into perspective, in the past we would produce 50 targets in Gaza per year,” Kochavi said. “Now, this machine produces 100 targets in a single day, with 50 percent of them being attacked.”

The IDF is refusing to publicly disclose what inputs it enters in the Gospel killing machine in order to produce said targets.

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Jesus’ gospel is love; Israel’s Gospel is mass murder

Israeli publication +972 Magazine spoke with a former Israeli official who revealed that Gospel is, in fact, a “mass assassination factory” that does not protect civilians in Gaza.

“I remember thinking that it was like if [Palestinian militants] would bomb all the private residences of our families when [Israeli soldiers] go back to sleep at home on the weekend,” the source, critical of Gospel, explained about how the AI system selects the homes of “suspected” low-level Hamas members and bombs them, killing civilians in close proximity.

It turns out that Gospel plays a central role in Israel’s ongoing military operations in Gaza. Israeli operatives claim that Gospel is “very accurate” at minimizing the number of civilian casualties, but a lawyer who advises governments on AI and compliance with humanitarian law says there is “little empirical evidence” to support that claim.

So far, Israel has hit over 15,000 targets in Gaza since the October 7 false flag incident. Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor says Israel has dropped more than 25,000 tons of explosive on Gaza during this time, with IDF reports stating that as few as 1,000 “suspected” Hamas members have been killed. Meanwhile, Israel has murdered about 15,000 civilians in the process, roughly 6,000 of them children.

A simple look at the carnage in photographs clearly shows that Israel’s bombing campaign is not centered around accuracy, according to Richard Moyes, a researcher who heads Article 36.

“Look at the physical landscape of Gaza,” Moyes is quoted as saying. “We’re seeing the widespread flattening of an urban area with heavy explosive weapons, so to claim there’s precision and narrowness of force being exerted is not borne out by the facts.”

This past week, the BBC analyzed drone and satellite imagery of Gaza, determining that Israel has destroyed or damaged more than 100,000 buildings throughout the Palestinian territory since October 7.

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