Why the Supreme Court should STAY OUT of the Trump/January 6 debate

The effort to put Donald Trump behind bars is relentless — or as Mark Levin says, “Grotesque.”

And it’s only escalating.

The Supreme Court has now announced that it will hear an appeal that could have a big effect on the January 6-related case against him. But while this case has to do with charges of obstruction of an official proceeding, there’s another case that the Supreme Court could hear.

Special counsel Jack Smith is demanding the Supreme Court rule on Trump’s claim of executive immunity as soon as possible.

“These dimwits, they say, ‘Okay, we’ll consider your argument. Trumps’ lawyers, you have one week to respond, go,’” Levin tells Glenn Beck angrily.

“This guy, Jack Smith, the courts are bending over backwards to accommodate this guy. He wins every single motion, Trump loses every single motion in front of this radical Obama judge,” he continues.

One of Levin’s bigger concerns regarding the Supreme Court is John Roberts, who he says is a “huge problem.”

“John Roberts is like this guy Michael Luttig. They hate Trump. They’re Republicans, but you know, they’re proper Republicans. They don’t like the tweeting, you know? They don’t like the language,” Levin explains.

At the end of the day, Levin does not believe the Supreme Court should involve itself.

“The Supreme Court should not take this case up,” Levin says definitively. “They sure as hell don’t speak for 80 million people. And so the judiciary, I would argue, is doing severe damage to this country allowing incredible interference in this election process.”

John Roberts isn’t the only one on the Supreme Court Levin is worried about.

“You really have three tremendous constitutionalists, then you’ve got a couple of RINOs, and then we got the hardcore-left Democrats,” Levin tells Glenn.

At the end of the day, all the cases brought against Trump are being brought for a very specific reason.

“The problem with all this is this lower court judge and this prosecutor all know that they’re setting Donald Trump up for a conviction. So when he runs for office as president in the general election, the media and everyone else will keep calling him a convicted felon,” Levin says.

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