Dr. Robert Malone discusses mRNA jabs for livestock, what it means for meat and dairy

Dr. Robert Malone discusses mRNA jabs for livestock, what it means for meat and dairy

Recently, Dr. Brooke Miller, the former immediate past president of the United States Cattlemen’s Association, spoke with Dr. Robert Malone, credited with developing messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, about the threat of mRNA in livestock.

Since meat animals are now being injected with the same types of “vaccines” that the human “herd” received through Operation Warp Speed, it has been increasingly coming to the forefront that the direct consequence of this is toxic meat and dairy products hitting the market.

At the current time, according to Dr. Malone, “we don’t have any of these products that are authorized for cattle, whether it’s beef or milk.” These products, in this context, refers to mRNA products for animals. There is, however, an mRNA product that was developed by Merck & Co. for swine herds, meaning bacon and other forms of pork are likely already contaminated.

“And there absolutely is interest in deploying this kind of technology into chicken houses,” Dr. Malone explained about where mRNA technology is headed next. “But as all of you know in the chicken industry, the margins are just squeaky, squeaky tight. And so, any technology, vaccine technology, that’s going to be deployed into chicken houses has got to come in at pennies per dose.”

(Related: Back in early fall, Dr. Malone warned that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA] had “gone rogue” by approving COVID booster shots without any valid clinical trials to back their safety and effectiveness.)

Just say no to mRNA meat

On the issue of cows raised for beef or dairy, mRNA is also slated for use in them, which eventually means that the entire food supply, at least in the United States, is being deliberately contaminated with DNA and RNA who-knows-what?, which will render it unsafe.

Despite being one of the “founding fathers,” so to speak, of mRNA, Dr. Malone is expressing concerns about what these products he helped develop might do to animals raised for food, and the humans who eat said animal products.

“I’ve had probably more calls and more concerns about this issue than anything else from the general public, the non-agricultural public, who is basically our consumer and our patron, and they’re very concerned about this,” Dr. Malone told Dr. Miller about the mRNA issue.

“And I think it’ll be a very negatively viewed technology in livestock if this is adopted by our industry. I think people are going to reject it, and that’s going to harm our markets, that’s going to harm our exports and it’ll harm our beef consumption in the United States.”

From a medical standpoint, Dr. Malone told Dr. Miller that he comes from a culture where people take care of their animals. He and others like him are extra careful, in other words, when it comes to giving his animals – Dr. Malone raises horses – the newest and latest drug products.

“We can extrapolate from humans, but there’s been a new development that really I think does raise some serious concerns both for the bulls and the cows, but particularly for the cows,” Dr. Malone said.

“And that is that all of these products are contaminated with small fragments of DNA, and they are being delivered using a highly effective system, the most effective non-viral polynucleotide or gene delivery technology ever developed. And that means that the DNA contamination is going to get into the cells of your animals the same as the RNA is.”

You can watch the full interview with Dr. Malone and Dr. Miller at Dr. Malone’s Substack page.

You will also find the latest news about the threat of mRNA contamination in food at Frankenfood.news.

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