Muslim news site editor says there’s ‘zero proof’ of ‘Palestinian ‘atrocities against civilians’ on October 7′

Roshan Salih — who indicates on X that he is the editor of a British Muslim news website and has described himself as “self employed” — has claimed that there is no evidence of Palestinian-perpetrated atrocities targeting civilians in Israel on October 7.

“Why do Muslims have to condemn Palestinian ‘atrocities against civilians’ on October 7 when there is zero proof that any took place?!” Salih wrote. “Israeli officials, MSM and Zionists shouting that they happened do not constitute evidence. And Hamas go pro footage only shows soldiers being targeted and hostages being taken. So show us the proof! If you do I will change my mind because I’m a reasonable person. But as long as you don’t then I’m going to stick to what I’ve always said: Hamas targeted Israeli soldiers and captured hostages to bargain for Palestinian hostages, while non-combattants [sic] got killed in crossfire, mainly killed by the Israeli army.”

“Massacre-denial is now a real thing,” Piers Morgan wrote when responding to Salih’s post.

Hamas terrorists perpetrated heinous atrocities in Israel on October 7, including murder, rape, and kidnapping.

Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, who was one of the U.S. lawmakers who viewed footage of the attacks, said in a statement that it “will forever haunt” him and that “these videos will forever serve as a testament to Hamas’ utter moral depravity.”

“In one clip, two little boys watch a Hamas fighter kill their father right before their eyes. In another, a terrorist stands over the bodies of dead Jews as he brags to his parents over the phone about how he killed ten Jews with his bare hands. We saw images of mutilated infants, defiled corpses, and families burned alive in their homes,” Hoyer noted.

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