Illegal Aliens Line Up For Blocks to Receive Free (Taxpayer-Funded) Housing in New York City (VIDEO)


Illegal aliens were lined up for blocks to receive free (taxpayer-funded) housing in New York City.

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens have flooded New York City, a proud sanctuary city.

The illegals are taking over hotels, schools and homeless shelters.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently complained that 50% of the city’s hotel rooms are now occupied by illegal migrants.

Last week, Adams introduced new restrictions on buses carrying illegals into NYC in an effort to better handle the flood of migrants thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies.

Illegals bundled up in heavy jackets lined up for blocks to receive taxpayer-funded housing.

“Because this is a sanctuary city, housing is guaranteed — so if they wait in line, they can re-apply and be re-housed.” – Fox Business reported.


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