CNN Reporter Bends Over Backwards to Defend Harvard President Claudine Gay Over Plagiarism Charges (VIDEO)


CNN’s reaction to the Claudine Gay plagiarism scandal is the most CNN thing ever.

Reporter Matt Egan twisted himself in knots trying to explain away the charges, trying to suggest that it wasn’t real plagiarism, she just copied the work of other people.

It’s amazing the lengths people on the left will go to excuse the actions of other leftists.

Townhall reports:

No Way CNN Tried to Sell This a Legitimate Defense of Claudine Gay’s Plagiarism

There is no way this is an accurate statement from a reporter. Has the liberal media become so desperate to protect their bad actors that they will try to explain how serious infractions that lead to one’s termination are trivial matters? If this was an attempt at gaslighting, it was abysmal. There’s no need to split hairs here—and doing so makes you look like an idiot.

CNN’s Matt Egan attempted to explain how now-former Harvard President Claudine Gay wasn’t accused of stealing anyone’s ideas. She just copied other people’s work and passed them off as her own without attribution. Egan, that’s plagiarism.

Is this how the media is going to explain homicides now: ‘The man wasn’t accused of murder, just shooting someone so many times that the victim died as a result.’

Here’s the video:

Just amazing.

Do you think CNN would go to bat like this for Claudine Gay if she was a Republican? Not a chance.

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