Congressional Hearing to be Held on UFO Crash Retrieval and Reverse Engineering of Alien Tech

The Office of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community is providing a classified congressional briefing next week on any intelligence programs that are dedicated to retrieving crashed alien aircraft or re-engineering alien technology.


The briefing is in response to a letter from Rep. Tim Burchette (R-Tenn.) and the bipartisan UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) Caucus asking for information on the programs that were revealed in a hearing last summer where the star witness, David Grusch, claimed that the U.S. government was in possession of 12-15 aircraft “not of human origin.”

Grush, a former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, was approached by several people in the intelligence community who have direct knowledge of the programs. He filed a whistleblower’s complaint with the intelligence inspector general in 2022 that he was being harassed for complaining that the UAP information was being withheld from Congress in violation of the law.

The Inspector General of the Intelligence Community will conduct the hearing, and he will presumably confirm or deny the existence of these programs.


Since making his request for information, Representative Burchett has publically affirmed his belief in the existence of aliens. He has proposed that recent soft affirmations of alien existence by the government are potentially driven by inter-agency rivalry, with each aiming to secure funding for their respective programs. Burchett’s stance and the ensuing briefing underline the shifting attitudes and increased openness towards the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Former intelligence official David Grusch has claimed that the government possesses ‘nonhuman biologics’ retrieved from a UFO. His revelations have added fuel to the ongoing debate and heightened the anticipation for the forthcoming briefing. Jonathan Grey from the U.S. National Air and Space Intelligence Center has also confirmed the non-human intelligence phenomenon to be real and global, with hidden legacy programs within multiple agencies. These revelations further underscore the need for transparency and the importance of the upcoming briefing.


There was another classified briefing on UAPs in early October that left members of Congress with more questions than answers.

According to Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), the crew of Congresspeople “didn’t learn anything” on their latest visit to the Department of Defense. “The federal government learned to do this during the Second World War,” Burchett told NewsNation of UFO retrieval programs. “You have to imagine Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Manhattan Project, thousands of people working on the atomic bomb and less than 12 knew what it was.”

Most of the physicists working at Los Alamos knew they were building a bomb. But by then, the Soviet Union had so thoroughly penetrated America’s nuclear program that all the security measures were mostly useless.

As I’ve said before about Grusch and the UAP “whistleblowers,” they may very well be unwitting dupes, targets of a disinformation campaign set up to hide some other classified programs. 

Or they may have revealed the biggest story in human history. Time will tell.

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