Fascinating Charts Show the Rise of Uniform Leftism Across America’s White Collar Professions

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Democrat strategists and talking heads were gobsmacked to see so many working-class people vote for Donald Trump in 2016. In fact, part of the mercenary decision to run Joey from Scranton against Trump in 2020 was the cynical calculation that he would be able to recapture those blue-collar Democrat party defectors. 


Biden was able to peel off just enough working-class voters to help make up a large enough Democrat coalition to pull off a win. In 2020, Biden “managed to raise the Democratic share of the white working-class men’s vote—the heart of the Trump coalition–to 31%, versus Clinton’s weak 23% showing. By contrast, Biden could do no better than Clinton’s showing among women overall, and he actually lost ground among white working-class women,” according to a post-election analysis by Brookings. Not very impressive.

When one steps back to look at the big picture, it’s not at all surprising that the common-sense class leans right. This is because its traditional social rival class, the white-collar elites, has been wholly captured by far-left fundamentalism. The degree to which the transformation has occurred is shocking.

Medical researcher Kevin Bass, whose apology for the health community’s COVID totalitarianism caused quite a stir when Newsweek published it a year ago, has only become more red-pilled since then. Over the weekend, he created and posted on X a series of animated graphs that show how the political leanings of America’s professionals have tilted hard left in recent times.

“I generated these figures using Adam Bonica’s DIME dataset at Stanford [1],” Bass says of his method. “They were generated by plotting the donor scores of physicians who had made political contributions during the respective years. Such measures have been shown to strongly correlate with the ideology of donors [2] and thus serve as a proxy for the profession’s ideological leaning, especially in recent years, where more than 10% of physicians have made such political contributions.”


Bass’s animated graphs are eye-opening indeed. 

A medical scientist, he naturally looked at the major white-collar health professions, and what he found explains a lot. (COVID fascism and transgender mania come to mind.)

Yes, nursing was once considered a blue-collar profession, but it has become increasingly elevated, and many employers are starting to demand advanced degrees from applicants.

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The woke mind-virus infected other white-collar sectors, too. Here are Bass’s additional wokification-in-motion graphs to depress you:

Bass’s graphs also reveal the by-now well-known source of the intellectual rot across the establishment.


Why have the white-collar educated classes thrown themselves so completely into the world of wokism? Here are some likely explanations.

White-collar professions require years of marination in college-level indoctrination

In order to enjoy a career in the professional realm, one must first pass through the left-wing university system and receive the requisite piece of paper. Thus, college graduates — the people who go on to get the white-collar jobs — are overwhelmingly leftists.

Women, who are by nature more leftist, far outnumber men in college

Women make up 60% of four-year college enrollees, compared to 40% who are men. This is despite men generally outperforming women on standardized tests. This situation — which would be decried as a “crisis” if the sexes were reversed — creates a left-leaning pool of candidates right out of the gate. 

When colleges purposely favor female over male applicants, and when the environment on campus is stiflingly leftist, the situation naturally discriminates against male and conservative students. They are weeded out of the system early on and effectively prohibited from getting the degrees required to work in certain fields. Thus, when the hiring pool consists only of leftists, leftists are the ones who get the jobs.


White-collar professions have been deliberately staffed with left-leaning employees

Our left-wing establishment never stops hammering propaganda into our heads about how women and minorities are discriminated against and underpaid. Corporations and companies use this narrative to justify discriminating against white men in their hiring practices, instead favoring women and minorities — politically leftist groups. This phenomenon doesn’t occur in blue-collar fields, where few women possess the strength and skills to work even if they wanted to, which they don’t.

While leftists may feel like they run the place because they dominate certain indoor professions, the truth is that they are still a mere half of the U.S. population, and they are also inept at numerous crucial tasks and skills. They had better learn to get along with the other half of the country if they want to keep enjoying their current lifestyle.

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