KJP Comes Perilously Close to Getting Something Right for Once

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The 21st century has seen quite a few lackluster — I’m being generous here — people who have held the position of White House Press Secretary. 

When Robert Gibbs kicked off the Obama era in the gig, those of us who traffic in mocking Democrats were having a field day. He brought some previously unseen awfulness to the job, and the mockery flowed. Gibbs was succeeded by Jay Carney, who was so bad at the job that he made his incompetent predecessor look brilliant and, thus, a new pattern for Democratic presidents was established. 


Joe Biden has fully embraced his old boss’s approach to the press secretary position. Jen Psaki had the job for the first year-and-a-half of the Biden slog and probably didn’t answer a question the entire time. She would say, “Let’s circle back to that,” and the incurious lapdog press knew that meant that they were supposed to toss the subject into the memory hole. 

When Circle Back Girl left for the MSNBC job that is offered to all senior staff in a Democratic presidential administration, HISTORIC FIRST Karine Jean-Pierre took over and wasted no time establishing that she is the worst ever to get the job. 

Press secretaries who work for Democrats don’t even have to be good at their jobs. In a Republican administration, the White House Press Secretary has to deal with an aggressive, hostile press corps. 

KJP has to deal with Peter Doocy. 

Everyone else in the press room kisses KJP’s backside. The guy from Today News Africa doesn’t count because she never calls on him anyway. 

Despite being fawned over by our left-loving journo class, Jean-Pierre always looks frustrated and overmatched. Fortunately for her, the Hack Squads at CNN and MSNBC frequently give her the opportunity to say stupid things without the pressure of seeing Peter Doocy roll his eyes. 


In a recent appearance on CNN, KJP said that it is “shameful” that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is “using migrants as a political stunt,” when he sends busloads to another state. 

Shameful is the correct word, but it’s not what Abbott is doing that deserves the description. It’s that he has to do it in the first place. 

I’ve addressed the “migrants” euphemism a lot in recent weeks. The illegals coming across the border aren’t “migrants.” They may not be bad people, or they may be cartel, ISIS, or ChiCom plants. A good governor would want to protect the citizens of his state by getting the potential for danger as far away as possible. 

After decades of seeing liberals in blue cities that are nowhere near the Mexican border proudly proclaim sanctuary status, I am enjoying watching them get smacked upside their heads by reality. The situations in Chicago and New York City are of particular delight to this lifelong resident of border states. They wouldn’t shut up, so now they have to put up. 

What is truly shameful is that the drooling idiot in the White House and his puppet masters have created security and humanitarian crises at the border and exacerbated both by denying that there was a problem at all. 


Denial is Karine Jean-Pierre’s strong suit, however, so she’s a perfect fit on Team Biden. 

Here’s the clip of her CNN appearance:

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