Biden to Commemorate J6 With Speeches About White Supremacy

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In breaking news tonight, Democrats declare that Donald Trump is a dictator and announce that whites are racist. Victoria Taft has a look at your weekend weather, and we’ll check in at the sports desk with Chris Queen right after this.


Yes, with the anniversary of JANUARY 6 coming up on Saturday and with Joe Biden apparently planning to run for reelection (as far as he knows), the campaign is coming out swinging on Saturday and Monday. Biden is set to deliver speeches on JANUARY 6 on white supremacy. Not the economy, not the wars overseas, not finding a way forward from the vicious hate and the rise of anti-Semitism. Not even a pretty little lie about the border. Nope, we’re headed right back to Mega-Mecha-Mooga-MAGA white supremacists. (They’re robots in disguise.)

Roll Call reports the Biden campaign announced on Tuesday that its strategy for the new year would be to focus on Trump as a dictator. Biden will be at Valley Forge on Saturday to gin up hysteria for JANUARY 6. On Monday, he will deliver a speech from Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. The church was the scene of the 2015 shooting by Dylan Roof. Roof gunned down nine members of the black congregation.

Quentin Fulks, the principal deputy campaign manager for Biden and Harris, told the outlet:

Whether it is white supremacists descending on a historic American city in Charlottesville, [Virginia], the assault on our nation’s capital on Jan. 6 or a white supremacist murdering churchgoers at Mother Emanuel nearly nine years ago, America is worried about the rise in political violence and determined to stand against it.


Communications Director Michael Tyler said that Trump is running on a campaign of retribution. Tyler also said Trump would use his power “to systematically dismantle and destroy our democracy.” Trump, according to Tyler, “wants to end free and fair elections altogether.”  


Another prong in the campaign’s attack is to argue that there has been a normalization of white supremacy. Because Trump is literally Hitler. Unlike all of the actual anti-Semites rioting and threatening people across the nation. But pay them no mind. Look, over here — we have JANUARY 6! with a side order of white supremacy!

I don’t blame Biden for this. Biden has been a horrible person for pretty much all of his career. But now, he is basically a stand-up cardboard cutout of a president who is told when to speak, where to stand, what to sign, and when to scratch. I blame whoever decided that the way forward in the face of war, national bankruptcy, violence, open borders, and general pessimism is to remind black, Hispanic, and Asian voters that all whites are evil. And to remind all whites that they are evil. And this is from a campaign that says Trump will divide the country. This attitude will certainly bring us all back together to sing ” Kum ba ya” and “Welcome Christmas Wah-Hoo-Dor-Ray.” 


As an old white man who is allegedly guilty of causing every bad thing since the extinction of the dinosaurs, to be frank, I’m past the point where the words “white supremacy” mean anything to me. And at this point, they probably don’t mean much to Americans anymore. The Biden White House and, by extension, the Democrat Party have cried “racism” so often that most people just shrug. The “r” word has been bandied around so many times that it has become the Left’s Swiss Army knife; there is nothing Democrats won’t use it for. At this point, anyone who is still willing to shriek “white supremacy!” at the drop of a hat is A) a shill, B) a cable news talking head, C) a deluded true believer, or D) some combination of A through C. 

In other words, anyone picking up what the White House is putting down is going to vote Democrat anyway. PJ Media’s Matt Margolis pointed out earlier in the week that Biden’s support is slipping. He noted that many of the people who supported Biden the last time around may be drifting, perhaps not toward Trump but definitely away from Biden. If this is an attempt to fire up the base, it is a decidedly lame one.

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The term “white supremacy” does not offend me, at least not anymore. It bores me, but it doesn’t offend me. I think what strikes me the most is that we allegedly have the best and the brightest staffing the White House (cue the laugh track). And yet, after all this time, they still trot out JANUARY 6! Trump! White Supremacy! 

Really? The Democrats have all those stars, artists, musicians, and writers at their disposal, but the best that can give us is to commemorate the trauma of JANUARY 6 with a throwback on white supremacy. 

They aren’t even trying. Maybe because they think they don’t need to. And that is what I find disturbing.  

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