Elise Stefanik says Harvard investigation is just beginning: ‘I believe … we will uncover what will be the greatest scandal in higher education.’

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) — who last month led the House Education Committee’s questioning of the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania — went on Fox News yesterday to discuss Claudine Gay’s resignation and what she believes the aftermath will look like.

According to Stefanik, the investigation into Harvard will not end with Gay’s resignation. In fact, her resignation is just the beginning.

“This congressional investigation is not going to stop because of the resignation of these university presidents. There is deep institutional rot in these formerly prestigious universities, whether it’s their DEI offices or whether it’s the anti-Semitism that we see raging on college campuses,” Stefanik said.

“These colleges get billions of taxpayer dollars, and I believe, as we continue our congressional investigation, that we will uncover what will be the greatest scandal in higher education because the Harvard Corporation members themselves are complicit in this cover-up of her plagiarism and again, most importantly, their failure to protect Jewish students on campus.”

“That’s the right spirit — you get a win and you keep going,” says Dave Rubin, who’s impressed with Stefanik’s tenacity.

“How much discrimination against Jewish students, Asian students, white students have they been doing over the years? Did they get a whole bunch of professors who were not qualified … and a whole bunch more who had all sorts of awful ideas related to Marxism and Communism and wokeism … while they took good professors out?”

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