Is Trump a force that Dems can’t stop? Here’s what the polls are saying…

If you listen to what the mainstream media tells you, President Joe Biden is doing great.

They champion Biden’s stock market despite Trump’s stock market being about 17 points higher.

“They keep telling you that it’s good, it’s actually bad, and now they’re saying even though everyone’s telling you it’s bad, it’s actually good,” Stu Burguiere explains.

But the media hasn’t stopped Trump from dominating in the polls.

“Another reason why Trump is so far ahead, it’s not just because he’s being treated as an incumbent; it’s because he’s being targeted as, I don’t know, a terrorist by the government,” Stu says.

“People are tending to defend him,” Stu continues, because they are realizing that something is wrong in the way Trump’s being treated.

“Thus, his poll numbers go through the roof,” Stu adds.

If Trump makes it through the primary, Stu believes the Democrats’ plan is to “turn the tides against Donald Trump and make every independent voter think that he’s the worst person who’s ever lived.”

And they might be able to do it.

“It’s still a very close election,” Stu says, noting that RealClearPolitics still has only a two-point lead for Donald Trump.

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