Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers are proven right, making their former critics look incredibly stupid

Joe Rogan and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers were both castigated by the media during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic for questioning the origins of the virus, the effectiveness of facemasks, and, of course, the vaccine.

Now their critics look remarkably stupid as nearly everything Rogan and Rodgers originally said has now been proven true.

Dave Rubin plays a clip of the two discussing previous events on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“Science that can’t be questioned anymore isn’t science. … It’s propaganda,” Rodgers told Rogan, who agreed wholeheartedly.

“There was questioning [during the pandemic], but it wasn’t allowed,” Rodgers continued, explaining that anyone who dared to question the narrative was immediately labeled as an “antivaxxer, flat-Earth, crazy, white, right-wing conspiracy theorist.”

“That’s what I said when I made that video to Neil Young when Neil Young was getting all his music removed from Spotify because I was promoting misinformation,” Rogan recalls. “I said, ‘What you say is misinformation today is not going to be misinformation in the future.”’

During the height of COVID-19, “saying that masks don’t work or saying that the vaccine won’t stop transmission or saying that the virus came from a lab — all those things would get you kicked off of social media initially, [but] those have all been proven to be true,” Rogan continued, noting that the lab-leak theory has technically not been proven true but rather that “most people believe it to be true.”

“If you question anything,” says Dave, “the machine then puts out comedians, late-night hosts, [and] ‘journalists’ … to label everybody all of these awful things, and it just marches on.”

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