The Iowa School Shooter Was an LGBTQ+ Activist

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A school shooting occurred in Iowa on Thursday morning. According to reports, the shooter injured at least three people before turning the gun on himself.

We all know how Democrats love to weaponize school shootings and use them as a pretext for passing more gun control, but something tells me that this shooting will be memory-holed rather quickly. Why? Because of the shooter, who has been identified as Dylan Butler.


The suspected Iowa school shooter, who injured three people including the principal before turning the gun on himself, has been identified as a school senior. 

Dylan Butler, who is a senior at Perry High School, was named as the suspected gunman by local news outlet WHO 13. Police have not confirmed the identification. 

One of the three people injured was the school’s principal, Dan Marburger, who was rushed to hospital and is currently in surgery for his gunshot wounds. 

The other two people injured were students, according to reports.  

Hours before the shooting took place at 7.37 am, Butler posted a TikTok posing in what appeared to be the school bathroom, with the caption: ‘Now we wait.’ 

The senior pulled an odd face, as a blue duffle bag sat on the ground of the stall.  

At the moment, it doesn’t appear that local law enforcement has tied Butler to the LGBTQ community, but according to his social media accounts, he appeared to have been an LGBTQ activist and part of that community. His social media accounts include pride flag emojis, transgender flag emojis, transgender slogans, and even a Reddit post where he implied that he wanted to transition.


So this may be the last day you hear about this story because this destroys the preferred narrative of the left, which doesn’t want you to know that there’s a direct link between transgenderism and other mental health problems. Last year, after the mass shooting at the Covenant School in Tennessee by a trans-identifying woman, I debunked a claim by a transgender activist that trans people are actually less likely to be mass shooters than the rest of the population.

“There have been four mass shooters that we know by those who have identified as transgender, which means that 1.3 percent of mass shooters have been transgender,” I wrote at the time. Citing widely available statistics, I found that people who identify as transgender make up 0.6% of the population, but 1.3% of mass shooters. “This means that transgender people are more than twice as likely to be mass shooters than non-transgender people.” 

I even ran the numbers based on other sources and definitions of mass shootings. For example, based on the left-wing rag Mother Jones‘s number of how many mass shootings have taken place, “2.83 percent of mass shooters have been committed by transgender people, which means that transgender people are nearly five times as likely to be mass shooters as non-transgender people.”


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In reality, it’s probably higher because these calculations assume that we know the “gender identity” of every mass shooter in the incidents cataloged. Hopefully, instead of covering up the truth, we will finally start to address the fact that transgenderism is a mental illness.

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