The Morning Briefing: Biden to Celebrate Dem J6 High Holy Day With White Supremacy Fairy Tale

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Wehlwyzza felt that some of her best beadwork was done whilst binge watching “Grey’s Anatomy” and enjoying the occasional Yuengling tall boy. 


In just a few short years, January 6 has become the holiest day on the Democrat calendar. While Christians have long celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany on Jan. 6, Democrats venerate it as the excuse they’ve been using since 2021 to eliminate political opposition through incarceration, legal harassment, and a general shredding of the United States Constitution. 

Now that we’ve entered an election year, the commie puppet masters who run what’s left of Joe Biden’s brain are adjusting the uppers/downers cocktail so they can send him out in public and turn up his hate-filled rhetoric volume to 11. 

Lincoln writes about the plan for this year’s J6 unhinged festivities: 

Yes, with the anniversary of JANUARY 6 coming up on Saturday and with Joe Biden apparently planning to run for reelection (as far as he knows), the campaign is coming out swinging on Saturday and Monday. Biden is set to deliver speeches on JANUARY 6 and white supremacy. Not the economy, not the wars overseas, not finding a way forward from the vicious hate and the rise of anti-Semitism. Not even a pretty little lie about the border. Nope, we’re headed right back to Mega-Mecha-Mooga-MAGA white supremacists. (They’re robots in disguise.)

Roll Call reports the Biden campaign announced on Tuesday that its strategy for the new year would be to focus on Trump as a dictator. Biden will be at Valley Forge on Saturday to gin up hysteria for JANUARY 6. 


In recent months, I’ve noticed that many of the Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media have toned down the J6 “insurrection” talk and are using the word “riots” a lot more. The majority of the legal haranguing of former President Trump that they’re doing requires that they keep the insurrection lie alive, however, so look for it to make a comeback. 

In reality, what happened at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, fit the Dems’ pet “mostly peaceful protest” description far more than their actual riots. 

Because Biden can’t run on his disastrous record, the Democrats will have to lean more heavily than ever before on their habit of demonizing Republicans. They’ll insist that it’s only BECAUSE TRUMP that they’re being so harsh, but demonization has been a part of their political arsenal for as long as I’ve been old enough to vote. George W. Bush was Hitler before Trump was Hitler. Mitt Romney gave a woman cancer. This year it’s the “dictator” stuff. 

It isn’t just politicians who they smear, it’s anyone who might vote Republican. I don’t know if the Democrats keep records of such things, but I would like to know how many election year grannies I’ve pushed off of cliffs at this point. 

This year’s shiny object to distract voters from the Biden disaster will be WHITE SUPREMACY. 


While there no doubt is a scattering of white supremacists throughout the land, Sir Sniffsalot will spend the year saying that anyone who is even thinking of voting Republican has a collection of Klan hoods at home. This will be the case even if someone other than Trump is the nominee. Again, they can’t let any undecided or independent voters’ eyes wander anywhere near Biden’s record. 

Remember kids: the real internal threat to the country is white supremacy-fueled domestic terrorism. The various criminal elements who have access to our southern border? NOTHING TO SEE HERE… MOVE ALONG. 

I hope they keep Biden squinting at teleprompters and barking “MAGA Republicans” like a trained seal with a saliva problem. He’s going to scare people all right, just not the ones they’re hoping he will. 

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