Unsealed Epstein Docs Exonerate Trump, Liberals Most Hurt

In recent years, as Jeffrey Epstein’s connections to powerful Democrats — be they through donations or visits to his island — entered the public consciousness, there was a concerted effort on the left to make Epstein a Trump scandal. For years now, photoshopped images purporting to show Trump and Epstein together on Epstein’s private island, his plane, and even with young girls have gone viral on social media. 


Most of this, I believe, was to try to counter the mounting evidence that Bill Clinton was a regular on Epstein’s plane and at his island and, according to the documents, was “a key person” who had a close relationship with both Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Included among the documents unsealed on Wednesday was a transcript of testimony from a witness who said that Jeffrey Epstein told them that Clinton likes girls young

It’s not the most flattering of revelations about Bill Clinton. But what about Donald Trump? With liberals trying to link Epstein and Trump for years now, surely there must be something to back up their many allegations. That turned out to be a dud.

Trump’s name rarely appears in the documents at all, and those few mentions fully exonerate him from the allegations the left has made over the years.

From Document 286, testimony from Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre:

Q. What is the basis for your statement that Donald Trump is a good friend of Jeffrey’s?

A. Jeffrey told me that Donald Trump is a good friend of his.

Q. But you never observed them together?

A. No, not that I can actually remember. I mean, not off the top of my head, no.

Q. When did Donald Trump flirt with you?

A. He didn’t. That’s what’s inaccurate.

Q. Did you ever see Donald Trump at Jeffrey’s home?

A. Not that I can remember.

Q. On his island?

A. No, not that I can remember.

Q. In New Mexico?

A. No, not that I can remember.

Q. In New York?

A. Not that I can remember.


According to Guiffre, Trump was never at Epstein’s island or his other homes. Sorry, leftists.

And then there’s testimony from another Epstein victim, Johanna Sjoberg, who was asked if Trump had ever “engaged in sexual contact” with her. Liberals won’t like the answer.

From Document 1320, Exhibit DE 173-5:

Q.   Did any of the guests for whom you gave a massage mention that they expected something sexual?

A. No.

Q.   Did they ask you to engage in sexual contact and you refused?

MS. McCAWLEY:  Objection.



Q.   Marvin Minsky?

A.   I don’t know that.

Q.   George Lucas?

A.   No.

Q.   Donald Trump?

A.   No.

Q.   Did you ever massage Donald Trump?

A.   No.

Considering that there’s quite a bit of damaging information about other high-profile people, Bill Clinton among them, if there were something damaging about Trump relating to Epstein, it would be there.

“The left is so much more upset that Trump isn’t on the Epstein Island list than they are with the actual democrat elite pedophiles who are on the list & who took part in child molestation,” Donald Trump Jr. said in a post on Truth Social. “That tells you all you need to know about today’s democrat party & their leaders!”


That explains it.

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