A Jewish Family Is Attacked at ‘American Dream Mall’ in N.J., and We’ve Got One Big Question

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Oh, the sad, sad irony. A Jewish family found out the hard way that it can’t even go shopping at something called “The American Dream Mall” in New Jersey in the United States of America without being assaulted by rabid left-wing Hamas lovers. And we have questions. 


The story reverberated across the globe. Newspapers in the UK and Israel carried the story of a couple who went shopping with her 12- and 16-year-olds at the New Jersey mall when a 20-something couple decided to interrupt their retail therapy and attack the family. The 16-year-old girl wore a sweatshirt bearing the IDF logo. 

New York news station 1010 WINS reported that New Jersey state authorities are now investigating the attack. 

Adi Vaxman and Ronen Magid were at the East Rutherford mall with their daughter Maya Vaxman-Magid, 16 — who was wearing a khaki green Israel Defense Forces (IDF) jacket — and son Ethan Vaxman-Magid, 12. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Vaxman said the jacket was a gift from the teen’s veteran grandfather.

The logo sent the terrorist-supporting woman into a screeching rage. She used her “oh, no she dih-int” AOC fingers to gesticulate in the faces of the Jewish family calling the girl “a whore” and other epithets. At one point a man tried to get the enraged Hamas supporters to stop, telling them, “I’m trying to help you.” He was trying to save them from themselves, but, of course, stupid is as stupid does, and they kept up the assault.


By that time, the mom pulled out her phone and started recording. But she couldn’t record for long because the out-of-control attacker, who claimed she was Palestinian, violently slapped the phone out of her hand.

It’s unclear who approached whom, but Mrs. Vaxman claims she heard the attackers before she saw them.  

1010 WINS reported: 

“We hear a man calling and screaming, ‘free Palestine, f*** Israel, f*** you, you w**’ — ‘you b***,’ he was calling my daughter,” Vaxman told the Daily Mail.

The female assailant joined in, yelling at the family, “You’re recording me without my permission! It’s free Palestine ’til I f***ing die b***! Free Palestine ’til I f***ing die b***h!'”

Maya’s father pleads with the attackers, “Leave her alone, leave her alone!”

Her mom is also heard pleading with the couple, “You’re attacking me, you attacked me and dropped my phone! … ‘You’re cursing my child! You’re cursing my child!'”

The family was accused multiple times by the screeching Hamas supporter, “You’re supporting genocide!! You’re supporting genocide!!!” Mrs. Vaxman asked the self-labeled Palestinians, who pronounced Palestine “Pali-steen,” “What’s the name of the river?” referring to the Hamas fans’ favorite let’s-kill-the-Jews protest chant. 


The attack broke the mall’s rules. The New Jersey state police are investigating the likely hate crime. 

But here’s the serious question. The screeching female attacker claims to be from “Pal-uh-steen.” Can the United States deport her back to her beloved “homeland”? We don’t need these unstable, genocidal maniacs in the U.S. attacking American Jews. 

While the Christmas/Holiday spirit has been lost on the Hamas-lovers, here in tolerant America we love giving gifts to all of our wonderful readers, yes, even after Christmas. 

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