AOC Gives Away the Game on America’s Southern Border Crisis

At first, the reaction to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) social media message on the wide open southern border over the Christmas holiday garnered the eyerolls, guffaws, and laughter, but there’s a much deeper message to intuit from this nuttery. 


The bottom line is that you should pay attention and be ready to defend Western civilization because that’s what she and the left want to destroy.

In a TikTok message — whatever happened to getting rid of the Chinese Communist Party social media vehicle anyway? Oh, that’s right, Joe Biden’s 2024 election influencers — the socialist New York congresswoman reminded Americans of why they can’t trust her. It’s because this avatar of the unthinking left has almost entirely abandoned ideas borne of Western civilizational thought leaders — we call them the Founding Fathers — and edited them out from the new narrative of what it means to be a citizen of a sovereign nation.

Here’s what she said. 

“So off-ehn [often], people want to say ‘why are you talkin’ ’bout the border crisis or, why are you talking about it in this way?’Well, we’re talking about it—they just don’t like the way we’re talking about it.

Because it’s not a border crisis. 

It‘s an imperialism crisis. 

It‘s a climate crisis.

Then she must have shouted, “Cut!” and restarted her stage-crafted video with another camera angle and pronounced:

This is not a surge. These are children. And they are not insurgents. And we are not being invaded, which by the way, is a white supremacist idea, philosophy.

Watch it here: 


The entirety of what she said is codswallop, of course, but it does give us insight into the left’s bizarre decision tree. 

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Let’s break down what AOC said.  

“They just don’t like the way we’re talking about it because it’s not a border crisis.”

By AOC’s lights, the border crisis isn’t a crisis. The border crisis isn’t a crisis because borders shouldn’t be borders. Borders shouldn’t exist. 

Without borders there is no country; therefore there is no United States of America. The USA is therefore not a real, sovereign place. No person is a citizen of the USA or any country because it is a made-up place. Yet it is rich and must share the wealth others worked for. And as a result, anyone can come, share the wealth, and say they belong and deserve a handout.

This is partially why there is such antipathy by the ruling class to Russia, which believes in the nation-state (though not Ukraine’s), and Donald Trump, who believes in the American state and the American brand, and it’s why they really can’t stand Geert Wilders of Netherlands, who is opposed to unfettered immigration.   

“It’s an imperialism crisis.”

Old European countries once battled people groups already ensconced in a country, overpowered them, and took valuable assets from the countries. They also left valuable assets behind. (e.g.: Spain/Mexico, Britain/U.S., U.S./Tribal Lands, Britain/India, Britain/Denmark/South Africa, France/Canada, France/Algeria). 


Now, AOC labels the USA an imperialist state because it fights wars and demands nothing from the other country. 

Because it’s an “imperialism crisis,” it stands to reason that these people breaking into the country are getting their reparations for some past crime in a previous century.

And here they come. 

Former Rep. Mayra Flores is told the invaders call it the “poverty exodus.” 

This is a way to change the way all of Western civilization has ever spoken about immigration and, by extension, borders and sovereignty. Countries don’t matter. Sociological “people groups” are beside the point. A unifying language and an identified, accepted border are trifles. 

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So let’s take a look at what she meant in her video. 

“It’s a climate crisis.”  

Just as Barack Obama’s war started the grand exodus of Syrians and others into Europe in 2014, the result is higher numbers of murders, rapes, and lesser crimes and a breakdown of culture because the insurgents told to come by the international poohbahs don’t speak English. 

And after orchestrating it as they did and as they are now, the White House and climate liars say with a straight face that it was really the climate that caused the mass migration. 


“It’s a trade crisis.”

The Biden Administration in a State Department white paper (raaacist) called, “Foster Democracy and Shared Prosperity in the Western Hemisphere,” means that the USA should buy whatever they’re selling, and we’ll call that exporting the new definition of “democracy.” 

Oh, and the IMF (that’s basically us too) will loan them money for equity’s sake. 

…U.S. efforts at home to modernize its border infrastructure and build a fair, orderly, and humane immigration system with a bold hemisphere-wide partnership centered on the principle of responsibility-sharing, stability, and assistance for affected communities, the expansion of legal pathways, humane migration management, and a coordinated emergency response…

“This is not a surge. These are children. And they are not insurgents.”

All of those claims are demonstrably false. Not all people invading our Southern Border are children, and some are insurgents allowed in through our porous border.

Oh, look! Here come the children now! 

“[W]e are not being invaded, which by the way, is a white supremacist idea, philosophy.”


If you identify borders, those borders can be breached. When they’re breached systematically by the same bad actors over and over at the rate of a division (10,000-15,000) of fighting-age males per day, that’s an invasion. For millennia, people groups in countries comprised of all ethnicities have called this kind of behavior at their borders an invasion. It’s not just a white guy thing. 

Homeland Security Committee member Sen. Shelley Capito, (R-W.Va.) says 169 people that we knew of as of October 2023, who were on the terror watch list, were caught trying to come into the country. 

“[I]dentities of those 169 individuals apprehended at the southern border remain classified. [Capito] said the number of individuals on the U.S. terror watchlist who tried to cross the border so far this year is a “tenfold increase” from the fiscal year 2021 numbers.

See, they’re not “insurgents.” We have no idea how many bad actors have gotten away into the interior of the country. But we’ve seen the body count in the USA go up since this intentional opening of the U.S. Southern border began on day one of the Biden administration. 

By opening the border, Joe Biden has declared “open season” on U.S. sovereignty. And all of AOC’s, Homeland “Security” Secretary Mayorkas’s, Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s, and Joe Biden’s protests to the contrary are lies to “fundamentally transform” what has heretofore been the United States of America.


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