People sound off as Biden touts lower gas prices

People on social media sounded off in response to President Joe Biden hailing the decline in gas prices.

“Right now, the average driver in America is spending over $100 less than if gas prices had stayed at their peak,” the tweet from Biden’s @POTUS account declared.

Gas prices surged earlier during Biden’s White House tenure but have since declined significantly. The AAA national average price for a gallon of regular gas as of January 4 is $3.090. That average price had hit a whopping $5.016 back in June 2022.

GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas responded to Biden by tweeting a video clip of a character from “The Office” claiming that by concentrating, he could “raise and lower” his cholesterol. When asked why he would want to increase his cholesterol, the character replies, “So I can lower it.”

“You’re welcome. And you had nothing to do with it,” the US Oil and Gas Association tweeted at Biden.

Townhall’s Spencer Brown replied to Biden’s post by asking, “Who drove gas prices to that record-breaking peak?”

“Does he understand math? The gas prices are HIGH. Is he sniffing the fumes?” another commenter wrote.

“Gaslighting at its finest! Nice try spinning the narrative, but let’s cut through the smoke and mirrors. Gas prices are soaring, and Americans are feeling the pinch. Your attempt to downplay the impact is not fooling anyone!” someone else declared.

Biden, who has spent much of his presidency underwater in job approval polling, is aiming to secure re-election this year.

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