YouTube DJ feared dead from jumping off cruise ship after fight with love interest, allegedly said he wanted to kill her

A Brazilian YouTube DJ is feared to be dead after he reportedly jumped from a cruise ship after getting into a fight with his love interest.

Carlos Alberto Mota Candreva, 32, was on a two-day New Year’s cruise from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro aboard the MSC Preziosa ship. Joining Candreva on the voyage was his 27-year-old love interest, Vitoria Barbara Momenso.

Just hours before his disappearance, Candreva was filming himself in exuberant travel videos and sharing them on social media.

However, Candreva and Momenso got into a heated argument about their relationship status during the cruise.

Momenso said, “While I was in the bathroom, Carlos took my cell phone. I didn’t even know he had the password. He saw my conversations with other men and sent screenshots to friends saying he was thinking about killing me. He intended to kill me.”

Metrópoles reported, “The sending of the messages was confirmed by people close to Carlos.”

Momenso said she was not Candreva’s girlfriend, and that their relationship was casual.

“He always said that I didn’t care about him, that I didn’t recognize the things he did for me. I made a point of throwing it in the face,” Momenso said. “The moment he fell, just before the Alexandre Pires show, he wanted to resume this discussion. I said: ‘Please, let’s enjoy the cruise.'”

However, Candreva allegedly jumped off the cruise ship early Saturday morning.

“There were people on the side, there was even someone to hold them back, but no one reacted. I was close to the stairs, there was no way I could run after him. It was very quick,” Momenso noted of Candreva leaping off the cruise ship.

According to Momenso, Candreva’s last words before jumping off the cruise ship were: “Do you doubt it?”

Candreva reportedly jumped off the cruise ship approximately 25 miles off the coast of São Sebastião, on the north coast of São Paulo.

The Brazilian Navy launched a search mission to find Candreva, which has fruitless thus far.

MSC said in a statement, “A thorough search was carried out on board and it was confirmed that the guest intentionally jumped overboard. The incident was immediately reported to the competent authorities and the Coast Guard released the ship to continue its journey.”

Momenso reportedly required medical attention following Candreva’s jump. She disembarked the cruise the next day after speaking to police.

“Carlos was a person full of light, happy. But, over time, his shine faded,” Momenso said. “He said that everything in his life was fine, except the love part, because he wanted to win me over. His goal in life was for me to be his girlfriend. He did what he could and what he couldn’t in pursuit of that.”

Candreva’s family blames Momenso for the tragic incident.

“Carlos was practically bankrupt. She consumed him financially. He paid for the trip, because it was her dream. He freaked out. She will never admit it, but she is responsible for what happened. She didn’t play him, but she was the one who made him get to that point”, said Christiane Mota – Candreva’s sister.

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Carlos Mota Candreva: Tragic Journey’s End – YouTuber DJ’s Heart-Wrenching Leap from Cruise

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