‘You can’t have woke comedy.  It sucks.’ Joe Rogan says stand-up comedy is the ‘last line of defense’ against wokeism.

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Joe Rogan said that “woke comedy” is impossible and criticized elites in an interview on his podcast with actor and director Taylor Sheridan, the creator of “Yellowstone.”

Sheridan was lambasting political correctness when Rogan launched into a brief criticism of woke comedy.

“We say, you know, in the comedy world, we say we’re the last line of defense, because this is where the woke meets the wall. The woke meets the wall with stand-up comedy,” said Rogan.

“You can’t have woke comedy. It sucks. It’s impossible. You can’t, like, always punch up and cater to everybody. It’s like no, that’s not what’s funny. What’s funny is the f***in’ weird things that people do and all of our hypocrisies, and all of our contradictions, all the chaos of being a human being,” he added.

“And if you want to never make fun of marginalized groups or never make fun of protected classes or never make fun of anybody that’s downtrodden or disassociated or disaffected, you can’t do that!” Rogan continued.

“That’s not stand-up comedy!” he emphasized. “Stand-up comedy has to be everything. It has to be everything that’s funny, regardless of whether or not it’s socially acceptable to make fun of those things.”

Sheridan had his own tirade that started against the movie “Forrest Gump,” which he saw as simplistic.

“This tottering f***ing idiot is the only guy to save the world? Everybody else around him, he’s just gonna go on a f***ing run across America, and everyone’s gonna follow him, and that’s gonna heal the country?” said Sheridan.

“I was just like, ‘What is this s***?’” he added.

Rogan’s podcast is one of the most popular on the planet, but he has been targeted by many on the left over comments he’s made contradicting political correctness and the woke agenda. A lot of the furor has been aimed at his pushback against the transgender movement.

Here’s part of the interview with Sheridan:

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