Florida JetBlue flight diverted after unruly passenger claims to be the devil, punches female companion

A JetBlue flight traveling from Florida to Massachusetts was forced to divert its route and land early after an unruly passenger reportedly punched his female companion and claimed to be the devil.

JetBlue Flight 170 was traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Boston around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday. However, the plane was forced to divert its route and land in Orlando after a passenger allegedly started acting in a bizarre and violent way.

Passengers claimed that a man on the plane began making threats and telling people he was the devil. At one point, the male passenger reportedly punched the female companion that was traveling with him.

“I was in front of the plane so I heard no disturbance in the back, but we had one of the flight attendants tell the first few rows that there would be pit stop in Orlando, but they didn’t want to make an announcement in case it angered the man,” passenger Max Seelig told the news outlet out of Boston.

WCVB-TV reported, “One passenger who was sitting close to the man said flight attendants put the woman who was with the man in the plane’s bathroom, and the man was punching the door to try to get her out.”

A passenger said, “They put her inside the bathroom, and he tried to punch the door and take her out of the bathroom. It was pretty scary.”

Video taken by passenger Leo Ruiz shows the unruly passenger being escorted off the flight by law enforcement after the JetBlue airliner had landed at Orlando International Airport.

After the alarming disturbance, the rest of the passengers had to disembark from the plane in Orlando. The passengers then had to wait for the plane to be refueled, stand by for a new crew to arrive, and then re-board the plane. The plane didn’t land in Boston until 4:31 a.m. on Friday, according to the New York Post.

JetBlue allegedly sent an email to the passengers that read: “This disruption is considered an uncontrollable disruption; meaning it’s due to events outside of JetBlue’s control (things like Air Traffic Control or weather disruptions) and, unfortunately, does not qualify for customer compensation or reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.”

“The individual was intoxicated and transported to local hospital by [Orlando Fire Department] for treatment,” a department spokesperson told the New York Post.

The unruly passenger’s name was not released by authorities, and he was reportedly not arrested.

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Boston-bound JetBlue flight from Florida diverted by passenger claiming to be devilwww.youtube.com

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